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Lunar New Year Message

As one of the original organizers of the Chinese New Year Festival in Cagayan de Oro, I feel incredibly proud and satisfied with what has been achieved so far in perpetuating the Chinese-Filipino heritage and history with the younger generations.

Over the past eight years, we have put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that the festival not only celebrates the Chinese New Year, but also educates the younger generation about their heritage and history. Through various cultural activities, performances, and exhibitions, we have successfully exposed the younger generation to the rich traditions, customs, and values of our Chinese-Filipino community.

It’s truly gratifying to witness how the festival has grown in popularity each year and how young individuals actively participate and engage in the festivities. The increasing number of attendees, especially the younger generation, shows a genuine interest and appreciation for the Chinese-Filipino heritage and history.

Our goal has always been to foster a sense of identity and pride among the younger generation, ensuring that they understand and value their roots. By providing platforms for them to learn about and actively participate in Chinese-Filipino traditions, we believe that we are successfully passing down this cultural legacy to future generations.

While there is still more to be done, I am optimistic about the progress we have made so far, and the impact it has had on the younger generations. It gives me great hope that Cagayan de Oro will continue to embrace and celebrate the Chinese-Filipino heritage for years to come.

Greg Marten Lao

Chairman, Cagayan de Oro Filipino-Chinese community

The Filipino-Chinese Community of Cagayan de Oro includes 22 community organizations, including family associations, chambers of commerce, schools, martial arts, civic and religious fraternities. 

Misamis Oriental Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.;  Mindanao Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China in the Philippines; Cagayan de Oro Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.; Cagayan de Oro You We Tong Civic & Religious Fraternity, Inc.Oro Christian Grace SchoolMisamis Oriental Liong Tek Fraternity Association, Inc.; Sejo-Lim Family Association-Northern Mindanao ChapterCagayan de Oro Bell Church Foundation, Inc.Kong Hua SchoolCagayan de Oro Volunteer Fire Brigade, Inc.Phil. Wushu Federation-Cagayan de Oro ChapterPhil. Kim Mun Association-Misamis Oriental Chapter Cagayan Gospel Church Cagayan de Oro Filipino-Chinese Amity Club;  Cagayan de Oro San Lorenzo Filipino-Chinese Catholic CommunityPhilippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.-Misamis Oriental ChapterPhilippine Chinese High School Alumni Association-Cagayan de Oro ChapterMisamis Oriental Progressive Mason Temple, Inc.; Kong Hua School, Inc.Philippines Jin Jiang General Association Inc., Misamis Oriental Chapter, and the Chee Kung Tong Chinese Freemason Misamis Oriental Branch.


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