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What Type of Marketing Best Suits Your Brand?

Marketing is a pillar of business and something that you will likely rarely not be thinking about. Brand visibility is absolutely vital to brand awareness, after all, and how are audience members supposed to pick you over your competitors if they don’t know that you exist? You’ll have your own audience in mind and the best methods at your disposal to reach them.

Still, you’ll also be thinking about broadening your scope and appealing to those who don’t
usually come under that umbrella for the sake of expansion. The question, then, is which type of marketing best suits your brand? Your specificity, industry, and USP are all relevant factors when getting to the heart of this matter.

Different methods of marketing are often thought about differently. Some, like social media,
might be thought of as being more foundational and less likely to make waves in the same way that others might (though it’s worth discussing how true that ultimately is).
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of marketing that comes up regularly in a more
competitive sense. It’s thought to be a way of accelerating your business to where you want it to be. This works by increasing your visibility on various browser searches, making it so that searchers are more likely to see your brand name crop up and remember you when it comes time to require the services of your industry.
Simple enough, what’s the catch? Well, to start with, unlike something like social media, which can be quite easily managed in-house, you might find that you require professional services to properly execute SEO in the way that you want. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be cut out of the process entirely, but it is something to bear in mind due to the financial aspect.
Secondly, while SEO is something that can suit most brands and industries, you might find that certain SEO professionals tailor their services specifically to certain industries, meaning that taking this option over a generalized approach can have more impactful results.
If you know where to get SEO help for your construction business in Kansas City, you’re not
only nailing down the type of industry, but also the location, which can help to target the exact audience that you’re trying to reach.
Social Media
Social media is yet another example of a marketing tool that can be useful for most types of
businesses, and you’ll likely find that you do end up deploying it at one time or another. It’s
cheap, it can reach a wide variety of audiences, and your content can be easily shared to reach further distances still.
Most of all, being active on social media pages can increase your online presence, and by
linking these pages to your website, you create a consistent user experience for those looking to engage with your brand.

However, it might be that you’re not making the most of what these various platforms have to offer. As mentioned previously, while it’s easy to think of social media as simply being the baseline when it comes to digital marketing, there are ways to use these platforms, like surveys and competitions, that can drum up engagement further and provide you with useful information.

Due to the low cost, this doesn’t have to take the place of any other marketing method, and can consistently be operated in the background so that you’re operating on multiple channels the entire time – providing your audiences with a way to directly engage with your brand, cementing that familiarity and dynamic.

Physical Spaces

In a digital age, it’s easy to think that physical marketing has lost its place, but that simply isn’t true a lot of the time. Not everyone is going to be accessible through the same digital channels.

If you’re primarily attempting to operate on the level of a local business, you might find that reaching out in the same way has surprisingly successful results.
Going back to the example of the construction industry, if you’re posting flyers, banners, or
leaflets around the area that you operate, those who live there or walk in the area regularly are going to be reached by this.

On a larger scale, you have the option of billboards or similar spaces that can broadcast your brand to all of those who pass it. If you manage to find a spot alongside a main road or another busy area, you’ll have a large audience regularly passing your marketing, and while they’re stuck in traffic or within its line of sight, you’ll have made an impression. At first, this might just be an acknowledgment, but they might well think of you when it comes time to make a decision on which brand to go for.

Email and SMS

Even within the digital sphere, there are options that are deemed somewhat antiquated by
modern standards. With SEO, video marketing, and social media taking up so much of the
discussion, it’s easy to forget about more straightforward methods like emails. However, before you write them off completely, it’s important to remember how much of a core function emails play in an everyday context – both for business and personal reasons.

While SMS might appear less so, the undeniable and widespread use of smartphones in
general makes it a surefire way of contacting someone. Even with that particular form of
messaging on the decline, the medium is more alive than ever.

How do you get the most out of these methods, though? Well, it’s going to depend on what your brand actually does, but you might find that they’re a valuable way of keeping people in the loop once they’ve signed up with you and you have their email addresses.

Keeping them informed via digital newsletters can regularly inform them about what’s going on with your brand, and might make them interested in paying closer attention if the developments are to their liking. Otherwise, these can be opportunities to provide information about promotional deals.


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