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5 Common Dangers in a Warehouse & How to Prevent Them?

Did you know that as many as 20,000 warehouse workers are injured in forklift accidents each year?

Furthermore, injuries in the warehouse sector cost more than $84 million per week. If you run a warehouse and you want to ensure the safety of your workers, then you need to be informed about the risks.

Discover the five most common dangers lurking in a warehouse below, as well as how to
prevent them.

  1. Slips, falls and trips

Unsurprisingly, slips, falls and trips are the most common dangers in a warehouse environment. As warehouse workers are constantly on the move, they are much more at risk of falling over than in other professions.

To keep your warehouse staff protected from these dangers, make sure that you keep the
workplace tidy and organized and that any spillages are cleaned up immediately. Also, make sure you carry out regular rack inspections for a safer workplace.

2. Poor ergonomics

Ergonomic issues refer to the way in which your warehouse workers go about doing their jobs. For example, the technique they use to lift heavy boxes or the way they sit in a forklift truck.

Although this may not seem like a very dangerous issue, it can cost your business a lot of money in sick days and lead to a vast reduction in productivity.

To prevent this, make sure your employees are properly trained and that they have access to equipment that can help them carry out their jobs safely.

3. Fires

Fires are another common warehouse danger and can cause serious injury and even death.
Most warehouses are full of paper, cardboard, wood, and other highly flammable materials,
which means that if a fire occurs, it can spread in a matter of minutes.

Keep your warehouse protected from fires by making sure that you adhere to fire protection regulations and by having charged and tested fire extinguishers within reach.

4. Harmful chemicals

Depending on what you are storing in your warehouse, you may have a lot of different
hazardous chemicals on site, such as acids, paints, solvents, disinfectants, and glues.
Furthermore, if your warehouse was built before 2003, there is a strong chance that
asbestos was used in your cement roof, ceiling tiles, and cement guttering.

Make sure that any harmful chemicals are stored correctly and that staff is trained to know how to handle them. If you suspect that asbestos may have been used in any part of your warehouse, then call in a professional team to remove it. Never attempt to do this yourself.

5. Heavy plant and machinery
As you are probably already aware, heavy plant and machinery is one of the biggest hazards for the warehouse industry. This applies not only to warehouse workers but also to members of the general public such as pedestrians.

To keep everyone safe, make sure that you use curbs, guard rails, and gates to divide your warehouse into foot and wheeled traffic areas. Also, invest in high-visibility signs and sensor-based warnings.


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