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Life is a mixture of myriad torments and baffling situations that may even compel one unconsciously to erase off all the joyous occasions that they lived. Every moment in life is a bundle of unpredictable surprises, some good and some really tough.

Even we adults often have problems with the idea of fairness. The laborers in the vineyard certainly did. They received exactly what they had bargained for, yet they complained when others got the same pay for less work.

If this parable was a story about earned wages, the grumblers would have been quite right to complain. But this story is about the way God deals with us, and how can we say that God is not fair?

Fairness means clearness and being free from fault or stain. Fairness is the light-colored, hopeful and plausible part of our life – the span between life and death. Life is and cannot always be fair – of course not! But we could make it a little bit fairer, though many times our world is ruled by falseness.

Fairness requires people to be put into categories. Anyone who fulfills certain requirements will receive a certain reward, regardless of differences in the situation. But only God knows that categories only outline the sort of people we are. He knows that each one of us is unique and with individual needs.

In our everyday life, do we really practice the idea of fairness at our workplace and in our dealings with others? How? Let’s analyze ourselves. May we learn what it means to be fair to another person… .

Because life isn’t fair doesn’t mean you should give up and keep asking why. Life is a never-ending race of learning. When bad things happen to you (or when something good doesn’t happen to you every time), it may not just be something bad happening to you. It might be a chance to learn something new — about yourself, about the way the world works, the people around you which would propel you to a new level.

The moment you start thinking about why life is hard for you, that’s when you start being unfair to yourselves. Accept the fact that you can’t always be happy, winning, or not getting sick. Each of these makes you stronger when you overcome them.


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