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This is an awesome idea! Or is it? How many times have you been there? You’ve got it down. You know exactly what you want to do. All the details are worked out and you’re ready to go.

And then, it hits!

You start to question yourself. How do you know it’s a great idea? 

The first characteristic of a great idea is that it needs to be desirable, feasible, and viable. Ideas need to spark something in the person hearing about them, namely a sense of new possibilities. Is the proposed idea something that people would want?

Carlos Mendes, Co-Founder at InnovationCast – Innovation Management Software, explained it last September 2023: 

“Ideas are a starting point in the innovation process. They are the place from which you begin an innovation journey that has the potential to create impactful opportunities that produce value. Given their role, the quality of an idea is crucial to determining whether you have a good or bad outcome in innovation. But idea development is iterative and incremental. Ideas are not born perfect, requiring sustained investment to get them in the best shape possible.”

Sometimes we feel that our thoughts and ideas can’t be fulfilled with life. Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways; but where the heart is weak, it will find a thousand excuses. If doubts begin to take roots, we should rouse from pink-tinted idealism or wear down and annihilate nightmares and erase and wipe out such thoughts and ideas.

If our thoughts are good and have the chance to be fulfilled in action, especially if “the other side” is prepared and willing to step on to such a bridge of life, we might get support and words of encouragement.

And, if not? No action? Maybe it is God’s will to keep and protect us from a careless, rash, disadvantageous and uneasy action. Every new day gives us new inexhaustible possibilities to survive, to bear trials and to start a new beginning. We overlook and fail to notice many chances to lie through our sluggishness and laziness while thinking and dreaming of unequaled and unfulfilled ideas.

Once you’ve identified areas where you don’t have a positive emotional attachment to a belief, give yourself permission to let it go. It clearly does not serve you and is not something you want to do. Learning to work with the guilt around being “selfish” is important to work on at the same time. It will feel uncomfortable at first but until you release the guilt, you’ll continue to “should”. 


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