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Sport, Culture, and Humanity

Dr. Djuwari

On April 20, 2024, the Mindanao Facebook status posted the headline of Mindanao Daily News about the Sport Complex and Cultural Center, of 13 hectares. It is located along Sayre Highway, in Barangay Laguitas, attended by hundreds of dignitaries, special guests, and people from all walks of life.

I was excited because I have been an observer of the volleyball sport league in Korea recently. I wrote about Megawati, the volleyball player from Jember, East Java, who had been involved in Red Sparks team, Korea. She was tactfully great not only in playing the volleyball but also showing her skillful communication with the people in that country. 

With the building of the project done in Sayre Highway, Barangay Laguitas, it would be of a great development program. Sport and culture are in a good combination. So, that project is also leading to the creation of valuable humanity consideration.

Through my observation in the Volleyball League in Korea recently, the project in Barangay Laguitas is the best strategy for increasing the relationship between people not only in local and national but also global scales. In fact, the interaction in sport activities can also inclusively entail the cultures. This culture, which tends to be typical, can also lead to humanity. People are merged into one combination in sport and cultural activities.

As the Red Sparks team in Korea, Megawati could attract the Indonesia government to have a follow up agenda. The ministry of sport and youths for Indonesia facilitated to invite Red Spark team to come to Indonesia for Fun Volleyball Game. We believe that it can also be done by the Philippines and Indonesia as well as the ASEAN countries or even Asia level. They are culturally friendly. 

The unveiling of the Sport Complex and Cultural Center along Sayre Highway in Barangay Laguitas, marked a significant milestone for the region. Personally, as I said earlier, as an observer of the volleyball sport league in Korea, I couldn’t contain my excitement. My recent focus on Megawati, the talented volleyball player from Jember, East Java, who made waves with the Red Sparks team in Korea, fueled my enthusiasm. Again, Megawati not only showcased exceptional prowess on the volleyball court but also exhibited remarkable communication skills, bridging cultural divides effortlessly.

The construction of the Sport Complex and Cultural Center in Sayre Highway, Barangay Laguitas, is a source of excitement for me, directly linked to my observations of the Korean Volleyball League and Megawati. Beyond infrastructure development, this project represents a fusion of sport and culture, fostering unity and camaraderie among communities. 

The project above has the potential to emphasize the importance of inclusivity and cultural exchange. It really serves as a strategic catalyst for enhancing relationships locally, nationally, and globally. The initiative exemplifies the power of sports to transcend boundaries and promote cultural understanding, fostering meaningful connections and mutual respect. 

Megawati’s success with the Red Sparks team highlights the role of sports diplomacy in strengthening international ties and showcasing the cultural friendliness of ASEAN countries and the wider Asian region. Ultimately, the Sport Complex and Cultural Center symbolize cooperation, inclusivity, and cultural enrichment, inspiring us to forge connections that unite humanity beyond borders.

Dr. Djuwari is an Associate Professor at Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA) Indonesia. Surabaya, the editor of some research journals in the Philippines and Indonesia. He is also a journalist in Indonesia Pos; the President of International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER), a small business owner of Djuw Café.


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