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To be noble one must not only be honest. One must act bravely and decisively in even the most dire of circumstances. Maybe at the end of this piece, I’ll tread the footsteps of other fellow columnists and commentators. So it will be!

If you say that someone is a noble person, you admire and respect them because they are unselfish and morally good

Pride comes before a fall – but never magnanimity. The dictionary defines magnanimity as in greatness of mind and generosity of heart especially when it comes to forgiveness, Often times, Filipinos are really magnanimous people. They seem to have the quality of being high souled, rising above pettiness or meanness and the generosity in overlooking injury or insult.

The late Harry Emerson Fosdick, a famous Protestant teacher wrote, “No man ever saved anybody, or served any great or left any enduring impression, who was not willing to forget indignities, near to grudges. The world’s saviors have all, in one way and another, loved their enemies and done them good!” Would you agree with this?

Magnanimity, applied to relations between nations and people, transforms hostility into helpfulness. Maybe, once upon a time. Maybe even nowadays. Consider the massive assistance of the United States provided to its former enemies following World War II, enabling them to rebuild their blasted cities and shattered economies.

“Once upon a time”, no West Berlin inhabitant will forget the U.S. airlift during the East German-Russian blockade, when the so-called “Raisin Bomber Planes” kept West-Berlin and its people alive.

What quality in human character do you consider the most admirable of all? How about tolerance toward another’s point of view without smugness? How about refusing to judge another’s action and motives without knowing first what lies behind him?

U.S. writer Clarence W. Hall voiced: “Magnanimity must be developed and habitual by practice, but it’s a virtue that sweetens and glorifies life!”

People with a noble heart and mind are fond of day dreams. Of course, fantasies don’t have to become a flight away from reality. In fact, psychologists are discovering that they can play a creative role in self-development and a better mutual understanding. It’s also one of the best things for the well being of a whole nation.


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