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Unboxing Me:

By Ian Mark Q. Nacaya

The teachings of the Church on taking “The Road Less Traveled” presents boulders of challenges, twists and turns and cross roads along the way. Jesus Christ has taught us to follow His path and if it is to its literal meaning, to crucifixion, yet redeemed by His promise of resurrection.

Each of us has a cross to carry.

My Mother who in her early professional life had served the Ministry of Social Development (now, DSWD) as a social worker, always reminds us siblings to bear sufferings as part of our Christian growth.

Public service is no exception to “the road” we pursue, its fate is undetermined and wild. Aplenty of wild cards unknown to unscrutinizing eyes. Dark intents glamorized as white by trumpeters and what have the society allows without inhibitions, only trickery and unfounded accusations.

Yet, what clings into our minds is the message of “Semana Santa,” – to follow Jesus’s path and share the weight of the cross.

Until it is over, the road less traveled I stepped on for more than 30 years will still be the path I will take without fear or hesitation.

Tempus Fugit!


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