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Philippine Army Engages in Intense Encounter with NPA in Misamis Occidental, Prompts Evacuations and Road Closures

A tense and ongoing encounter between the Philippine Army and Communist Terrorist Groups, notably the New People’s Army (NPA), has gripped Barangay Napangan in Don Victoriano, Misamis Occidental. The situation has prompted immediate evacuations and the closure of vital roadways.

Residents of Barangay Napangan found themselves in the midst of a perilous situation as the Philippine Army initiated an operation against the NPA in the area early this morning. In response to the escalating violence, local authorities swiftly organized the evacuation of residents to the nearest evacuation center to ensure their safety.

One of the immediate consequences of the encounter is the closure of Mansawan Road, a crucial artery for transportation in and out of the affected area. This road closure has disrupted travel, inconveniencing not only residents but also commuters passing through. Authorities have taken this measure to safeguard civilians from potential crossfire and other security risks.

Classes have been suspended in multiple Barangays, including Napangan, Mansawan, Liboron, Gandawan, and Lake Duminagat, until further notice. The suspension of classes is a precautionary measure to protect students, teachers and ensure their well-being amidst the ongoing conflict.

Silbon Montefalcon, the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer and the Incident Commander, is actively coordinating efforts to manage the situation and provide assistance to those affected. Residents are advised to stay vigilant and follow the guidance of local authorities during this challenging period.

The encounter between the Philippine Army and NPA underscores the persistent security challenges faced by certain regions in the Philippines. The government’s commitment to maintaining peace and security in these areas remains a top priority, with operations like this one aimed at addressing threats posed by insurgent groups.

As the situation in Barangay Napangan unfolds, residents and travelers are urged to stay updated on developments through official channels and cooperate with local authorities to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.



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