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NCMF, PCW leaders urge the approval of Senate Bill 1410


National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) led by Commissioner Dalisay Macadawan and the Undersecretary of the Philippine Womens Commissioner Sandra
Montano urge the approval of Senate Bill No. 1410 filed by Senator Robinhood
“Abdul Asis” Padilla that every February 1 of each year shall be declared as
National holiday as Hijab day observance.

It could be recalled that last November 21,2022 and the concluded first World
Hijab commmenmoration held at the senate hall was supported by lady Senators
Riza Ontiveros and Cynthia Villar which was also attended by several line agencies lead by NCMF Commissioner Dalisay Macadawan, Undersecretary Sandra
Montano and Commissioner Amielyn “Asliyah” Limbona.

Senator Robin hood “Abdul Asis ” Padilla files Senate Bill # 1410 under committe report no. 8 last November 21, 2022. and recently concluded the first World Hijab commemoration at the senate which was support
ed by lady Senators like Sen. Riza Ontiveros and Sen Cynthia Villar and was attended by several line agencies lead by NCMF Commissioner dalisay Macadawan, Undersecretary Sandra Montano and Commissioner Amielyn “Asliyah” Limbona on Culture , Media & Arts.

Last Feb 23 at Quezon City ,Ampitheater the NCMF spearheaded by Comm. Dalisay Macadawan initiated a peaceful call for unity among non muslim women organization who attended the said event where the ” Ilaw ng tahanan” ,Arkat Lawanen and Muslim youth society to observe the celebration of world hijab in response for the support of the bill filled by Senator Robin Padilla , the approval of National Hijab celebration

, in this event Madam Mariel Rodriguez -Padilla joins the hijabi by wearing “Hijab” to shows support on his husband Senate Bill # 1410. As a famous TV host and actress, She humbled herself and was very beautiful hijabi among the crowd.

Her message to the Muslim community manifest her clear intentions about being a wife of the senator. That an empowered woman knows how to make choices in her life. Atty Faysah Dumarpa the first Muslim Lady Commissioner at human rights office is an indication of what a powerful hijabi can do to fight for her right.

The presence of our international allies like Dr. Sabouri Morteza,from Cultural Affairs of Iran Embassy, Dr. Avi Dewani Sari Harahap and Dr Sri Wahyuni Pandith both from Indonisia fosters a stronger message of support for this Event.

According to Commissioner Amielyn Limbona “, wearing our hijab is not only a trade mark that shall separate us from a non muslim to muslim. But this is our crown that we should be proud of no matter what and where ever we go. We call for Progression not oppression That our “Awrat” as ladies requires to be covered and only our face and hands can be seen in public. We call to put an end to discrimination in public and some workplaces of agencies

The undersecretary of Philippine Commission on Women had been supporting the Hijab Celebration for almost 3 years now. She believe that if given the chance to serve PCW after the transition period and re appointment it will be one of her top agenda in making national policy to make a research about the fabric textiles that can be used as headscarf by our fire officer which is fire repellant. That even in service of duty they can be hijabi in service to there country.

We lauded the continous support of NCMF and PCW in creating awareness hijab event like this to reach out some communities and understand why hijab is very important among women. This is a call for modesty, integrity and obedience of one’s faith

. Aleem Jalil Pangandam was also present in support of this program.

  1. Right side is Atty Faysah Dumarpa
    center is Madam Mariel Rodriguez -Padilla
    Left side Comm. Amielyn ” Asliyah” M. Limbona
  2. Wife of Sen
    Robin Padilla

3.In the pictures from left side is Dr Avi Dewani Savi harahap from Indonisia,Dr Sabouri Morteza Consul from Iran Embassy, Usec Sandra Montano, PCW Comm. Asliyah Limbona from PCW, wife of Sen. Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez Padilla, Atty Faysah Dumarpa, Commissioner in human rights, Comm. Dalisay Macadawan of NCMF and barangay chairwoman of quliat at the back are NCMF NCR employees.



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