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My Mindanao. Sounds very egoistic, doesn’t it?

Daybreak. Dawn. Early morning. I do try to keep my eyes open, so that I must not miss this great spectacle again: an unforgettable sunrise paints the environs with all the color nature puts at its disposal. I’ve put in a large portion of my life just trying to make things easier for my loved ones and myself. I feel having all the time of my life I want in my hands. I prayed to God that this might be the place to settle down, where I can relax, take things easy and where I can spend the second half of my life.

Once upon a time… . Meanwhile, that’s reality. I have been here for more than 25 years.

I strongly agree with Rod Fernandez in saying: “I have made it my personal mission to explore different places on the island and show the world its vast natural beauty. The political and security situation has significantly improved over the years, and it is now mostly safe to explore different parts of the region”. Born and raised in Mindanao, the Philippines, Rod moved back in 2021 after an overseas stint. He hopes to use his photography to show the vast beauty of Mindanao to the world.

Why do I love Mindanao? This natural beauty makes me cheerful as well as the relationship with the warm and friendly people living here. I can learn from them about diverse ethnic cultures and its very special way to live life even with the struggles and trials or in painful poverty.

I experienced the sea gypsies from Zamboanga, the Badjoas and their boats, their vintas, which are the caravans of the oceans. Mindanao, this part of the Southern Philippines is the melting pot of Christians and Muslims, of foreigners (let’s call them expatriates and count me in!), or such tribes such as Badjaos, Subanon, Tansug, and Yakan.

Mindanao music is unique because it’s music is imbued with mindanao’s history and culture itself. It reflects those of the various beautiful cultures that are filled with their pride and nature of living.

Mindanaoans are passionate and emotional, to express themselves, they prefer to use body language rather than words, making eye contact is a signal of recognition and crucial when you are interacting with others, they will appreciate and feel your genuine interest in them.

Yes, my dear fellows, I am a foreigner who lost his heart to Mindanao. I am staying for good after visiting the second largest island of the Philippines with mosques, towers and women, dressed in MALONGS, blessed paradises for nature loving people, who admire exotic plants, boiling volcano springs, plunging waterfalls, torrential rivers and much more. I love “my Mindanao”.

I clasped Mindanao to my bosom. I would like to recommend Mindanao warmly to everybody. Mindanao, the land of hope and promise… .


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