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By: Mumar Manisan Tabuan Lasa LGU Executive Asst

Municipal of Tabuan Lasa under the leadership of Mayor Moner Sabbihi Manisan is a newly created municipality in Basilan province. It is carved out from the Mainland Municipality of Sumisip by virtue of Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Act (MMAA) n. 187 of the 5th Regional Legislative on july 10, 2017.

     Tabuan-lasa Island got its name from the acronyms of the four (4) major islands composed of tapiantanah, bubuan, lanawan and saluping. TA from Tapiantanah, BUAN from Bubuan, LA from Lanawan and SA from saluping. This was conceptualized by the original prime movers or leaders of the Municipality who had worked hard for the separation of this new municipality from the mother mainland municipality of Sumisip, Basilan province.

Coind into Tabuan-Lasa means “market of love” comprising tweleve barangays with close population of 24,188 (NSO Census 2015) with 2,886 households.

Etnic Origin
Sama Bangingi (68%) is the predominant inhabitants of the Municipality, followed by the Tau-sug tribe (30%) from Sulu Province, Sama Badjao and few of Yakans (2%).

Major Products
Major Products include coconut (copra), Cassava, Banana and seaweeds (agar-agar). Marine products such as high value varieties of fishes like Lapu-lapu, tuna, mackerel, blue marlin, talaketok, sardines, big eye scud, galungong and other species. Likewise lobster, sea mantis, crabs, sea cucumber and other seafood delicacies and shells are also major products.

Tourism and Industry
Tabuan-Lasa municipality with its pristine beaches, white sands and undistributed coral reefs,, is potential for tourism industry. It can be develop into beach resorts, diving sites and other recreational facilities for domestic and foreign markets in the southern frontier of Basilan Province.

Aside from beaches, Tabuan-Lasa also known for their arts, one of it is the colorful mats , the mats shows exemplary work done by the weavers. They have the great weaving skills that can be seen in their skills sashes, shoulder cloth or in their male head dresses called Pis siyabit. Their design are mostly linear and geometric.

Tausog art also include the embroidery that they do. Since they are known for their prized silk threads, the embroidery found in their pillow case, table cloths etc. are of value.

Another form of arts that they have are their weapons. Weapons have become more value to them. Weapons that had intricate or elaborate in their blades have either a floral or geometric incision.


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