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Silka distributes Alagang Silka Mommy Kits to Moms during International Women’s Month

As the calendar turns to Women’s Month, we celebrate and recognize the countless achievements and struggles experienced by Women. Seeing all the women who served as backbones in supporting and nurturing families, it is only fitting that we shine the spotlight on the incredible strength of mothers. Having the opportunity to recognize the enduring love, sacrifice, and strength mothers embody, it is also the perfect time to give back the rightful care they deserve. 

In celebration of this special month, on March 18, 2024 Silka marked International Women’s Month with a meaningful initiative entitled Alagang Tunay, Para Sa’yo Nanay. Focusing on the unsung heroes of motherhood, Silka gifted Alagang Silka Mommy Kits to five hundred expectant and new mothers at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. The Fabella hospital is considered as the national maternity hospital with more than 150 births daily, and known for its standing commitment to support and care for mothers. As such, this makes the collaboration much more deliberate and meaningful.

In a world that often overlooks the efforts and sacrifices of mothers, Silka goes above and beyond to acknowledge their unwavering dedication and selflessness, especially those who are about to start their journey of nurturing new life. The journey to motherhood is definitely not easy, from sleepless nights of infancy to the tender moments of guiding adolescence, we do not realize the physical and emotional support needed by mothers. As mothers continue to care for their newborn, Silka, a brand with its promise of Alaga, gives back to these mothers the Alaga they deserve and need. Silka not only ​​celebrates the mothers’ dedication and sacrifices, but also emphasizes the importance of their well-being postpartum by giving a talk on how mothers can take care of themselves. Here are postpartum Alaga tips given by Silka:

  1. Rest whenever possible and accept help from family and friends to ensure you receive the Alaga you need.
  2. Stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods to support recovery.
  3. Prioritize emotional well-being and seek help if needed.
  4. Connect with other moms for support and advice.
  5. Give yourself the Alaga that you deserve!

Alagang Tunay, Para Sa’yo Nanay challenges the misconception that being a mother means prioritizing only their children. Instead,  it emphasizes that for mothers to give their children the proper love and care, mothers also need to prioritize self-care and nurture themselves. As mothers continuously shower their children with love and care, it is only right that they too receive the same amount of Alaga they deserve.

(From Left to Right) Janssen Co, Jane Co, Juanita Co, Timothy Chuongco, Amily Tejada, Jeffrey Roxas, Arlene Sawey, Eunice Apple de Belen, Alexis Gloria, Bea dela Cruz 

(From Left to Right) Bea dela Cruz, Alexis Gloria, Amily Tejada, Arlene Sawey, Timothy Chuongco, Jeffrey Roxas, Eunice Apple de Belen, Janssen Co, Juanita Co, Jane Co

Video link: https://fb.watch/ro8odlZy8c/ 

For more information, please visit Silka’s website, and @silkaskincare on their Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram

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