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3 kids, elderly hospitalized due to Cholera in Brgy 35

July 27, 2020

CAGAYAN de Oro City--Three children landed at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) yesterday due to Cholera, a village official said. Barangay Chairman Jose C. Ligtas said the children were brought to the provincial hospital after they complained of stomach ache and vomiting. Ligtas said that one of those admitted is a 4-year-old. 1 10-yeaer-old, and a girl aged one-year and 3 months. He said a 73-year-old elderly identified as a certain Reymunda Bantilan was also brought to the provincial hospital. The village official he was surprised after Dr. Joselito Retuya, the city’s epidemiologist, told him that the children and the elderly were hospitalized due to Cholera. "I am saddened because we are still coping with the adverse effect of Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) that claimed the life of one of his residents and infected two others prompting the city government to order the locked down," said Ligtas in an interview. Ligtas said that five zones [from zone 1 to 5] are currently under locked down. Ligtas suspects that the children and the elderly got the disease as they took water from wells found nearby. Drinking water analysis lab Earlier, to provide drinking water laboratory analysis services to constituents, the 19th City Council during its regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy enacted an ordinance establishing the Cagayan de Oro City drinking water bacteriological analysis laboratory. The purpose of the ordinance is for the city to make available assured quality laboratory for drinking water analysis with regular monitoring and analysis of all water sources to ensure public health, and to provide establishments in Cagayan de Oro with access to bacteriological water analysis examinations. This is in line with PD No. 856 or the Code of Sanitation of the Philippines, which prescribes the standards and procedures in ensuring water quality to be implemented in all levels of local government units. As provided in the ordinance, the drinking water testing laboratory shall be compliant with the standards and requirements set by the Department of Health (DOH). The laboratory will have an adequate number of medical technologists, analysts and other health professionals with documented training and experience to conduct the laboratory procedures. It shall also have a  certified pathologist to supervise the activities in the laboratory in accordance with the standards set by the Philippine Society of Pathologists, and provide staff development and continuing education program at all levels of organization to upgrade the knowledge, attitude and skills of staff. As stipulated in the ordinance,  fees shall be charged for services to be paid at the City Treasurer’s Office. These services are: drinking water analysis (P500 to P700 per sample); test kits/reagents (P350); collection bottles (P120); disinfectants (P25); and forms (P4). The legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committees on health and health insurance, on ways and means, and on laws and rules chaired by Councilors Maria Lourdes S. Gaane, George Goking, and Ian Mark Q. Nacaya, respectively. With a report from SP/JBDacer

1 missing, 200 displaced in Cagayan de Oro fire

July 26, 2020

CAGAYAN de Oro City--A fire of unknown origin gobbled up about 60 houses near a crowded market district in Lapasan, Cagayan De Oro City Sunday morning. The fire struck in San Lazaro, a sitio in the coastal village of Lapasan abutting the city’s public market early Sunday morning, sending about 200 residents homeless. There were unconfirmed reports of a missing person as fire investigators estimated an initial P 2 million structural damaged. Fire Capt. Lawrence Velarde said that the fire reportedly started in the house of a certain Arnel Bolango. Bolango denied the allegation. The fire in San Lazaro took place in less than 72 hours in Lapasan in the last 72 hours – the first in Sitio Kolambog southeast of the village where about 200 residents were also rendered homeless.

CDO business bleeds as ‘quarantine’ stays

July 22, 2020

CAGAYAN de Oro City--Business in this premier capital of Northern Mindanao is bleeding to death as the quarantine period continues, a city executive said Tuesday. City Councilor George Goking said that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the city to adopt measures to prevent its spread through quarantine, travel restriction, and early evening curfew forcing some businesses to shut down. Goking, the chair of the city council’s ways and means, trade, commerce and industry, said that the city’s projected income of P 7.5 billion by the end of December 2020 is impossible to attain. “Had it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, the projected income could likely be attained because the city has already collected more than P 2 billion in June 2020,” Goking said. The projected annual revenue collected is used for the city’s general fund, infrastructure projects, and operational expenses. He said that the city’s approved annual budget is based on the projected revenue collection of business and realty taxes. “The city’s financial coffers is draining and the fear of surviving under a prolonged quarantine and a gloomy business climate is getting high,” he said. He said that the quarantine imposed to prevent the spread of the corona virus has greatly affected the business climate in the city. According to Goking, the lockdown and the closure of some 200 business firms in the city, was the culprit in the decline of tax collection here. He said that the city government already extended the payment of business and realty taxes twice since the deadline in January 2020. The extension in the payment of taxes was in response to the clamor of the businessmen, Goking said.

Missing hubby of COVID-19 positive wife ‘surrenders’

July 14, 2020

CAGAYAN de Oro City--The husband of the 35-year-old COVID-19 positive wife who went missing Sunday “surrendered” after authorities launched a massive hunt here, local authorities said Tuesday. Village (barangay) Chief Joe Ligtas said that the husband turned himself in Monday after a negotiation for him to submit for “swab testing” and on a 14-day-quarantine in the city’s isolation unit (CIU). The husband reportedly ran away Sunday after health authorities were about to commit him to the city’s isolation unit (CIU) here for a 14-day quarantine period and “swab testing.” Ligtas said that the husband accompanied his 35-year-old wife when admitted to the NMMC Sunday, but went missing after the swab test found out that the wife was COVID-19 positive. The wife, a 35-year-old COVID-19 positive patient, is now undergoing treatment at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) here. Ligtas appealed for cooperation of the residents in Barangay 35, specifically Zone 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 to effectively contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the area. He said that the area, involving 942 families is now placed under “lockdown” where the residents observed a 14-day-quarantine period.

An investigative report: impact of Covid-19 in urban, rural areas

July 3, 2020

Fiesta No More EASTERN Misamis Oriental--“One of the most COVID19-impacted area of the Filipino social life is culture and  spiritual tradition. Notwithstanding, the rule on no- hand -touching and social distancing which undermined a cherished cultural tradition of kissing the hand or forehead of our elders as a sign of respect and good manners, the other endangered tradition is fiesta celebration and other social gathering during cultural festivals which is the sign and spirit of “Filipino Hospitality.”  This was the observation of Brgy chair Raffy Rayon Mendoza of Poblacion, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental when interviewed by the MDN-COPC Reportorial Team. “Sadly, there will be less or no more sense of community merriment  and thanksgiving when we celebrate our Fiesta of Nuestra Senora del Carmen this coming July 16,” according to 65-year old resident Cesar Balabag who was also separately interviewed.  He said Talisaynons will surely miss the “mamistahay “ scene which Catholic households cherish. Talisaynons from the affluent down to poverty-throdden families are happy to welcome visitors to their homes during fiesta-days, and prepare food for the “mamistahays” even during the vespers eve until the ” liwas” (post fiesta day)  he added. Brgy chair Mendoza, on the other hand, said his council already met with the town priest and church leaders, together with Mayor Rommel Maslog, and had mapped out plans for this year’s “fiesta celebration..”  “There will be no more sports fest, no more cultural programs in  our gymnasium, no more sabong (cockfights). Even during thanksgiving mass, there will be social distancing and other church-goers who cannot be accommodated will have chairs outside, at the nearby park, and a wide screen will be put-up showing the video of the mass, “ Mendoza added. Mayor Maslog commented that in the new normal, households will be requested to refrain from spending too much for the fiesta to avoid many visitors which may destroy social distancing, and possible Covid-contamination. Fiesta preparations could be limited only for family members and few visitors, he added. The Poblacion barangay council members under Mendoza, however, expressed some positive out-come on this fiesta policy, such as : government budget spending for festivities will be reduced and could instead be used to bolster health funds in the  ongoing fight against Covid.  Some members also commented that there is a positive impact in encouraging no lavish fiesta celebration. They said many families go to the extent of borrowing money or even loans with banks just to have something for the fiesta. Zero Covid Case Mayor Maslog and Brgy chair Mendoza claimed that they have zero Covid case. The local government units here have efficiently implemented the strict health protocol emanating from the national IATF, regional and provincial regulations. Maslog said the town now has sufficient quarantine and isolation facilities, thermal scanners, swab tests and PPEs for frontliners which composed of their BHWs and Tanods.  “I have even converted our newly-finished Training Center into a quarantine facility,” Maslog added. Mendoza, on the other hand commented that they are lucky and happy that there is no single Covid case in their town.” We owe this to the efficiency and hard-work of our barangay health workers and tanods.  When there are reports on LSIs or visitors coming in, they immediately require quarantine measures be followed, Mendoza said. He added that they have sufficient number of isolation rooms, and even use abandoned houses for use of PUI’s. On the national support via amelioration programs, Maslog added that they are quite satisfied with the schedules on distribution and instructions. With report from Gerry Lee Gorit, correspondent, and Richard dela Cruz, Eagle Broadcasting Corp.

Lanao Sur mayor ambushed in Cagayan de Oro

June 3, 2020

BROAD DAYLIGHT AMBUSH 1ST UPDATE AS OF 6:43PM - JUNE 3 ... CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - A mayor of Lumbaca-Unayan, Lanao del Sur, his wife and two other companions onboard a black Pickup vehicle, were ambushed this morning by still unidentified motorcycle riding gunmen, along Zone 2, Iponan village, this city Responding police officers later identified the victims as Mayor Somerado Malo Guro of Lumbaca Unayan, Lanao del Sur; his wife, Rohaifa Guro, 26; their staff, Abdul Rafi Guro; and their driver, Ibrahim Gani, 58 years old. The mayor's wife and the driver were also wounded, except for the staff who was lucky he was not hit by the bullets of the assailants. Mayor Guro and his family are presently residing at Phase 4 Block 4, Lot  4 Bloomingdale Iponan, this city. It was NOT known, however, who were the perpetrators and what was their motive of attempting to kill the mayor and his family. Investigation disclosed that after they were ambushed and wounded, the driver still managed to maneuver their vehicle and straight ahead at the Polymedic Plaza Hospital located in Kauswagan National Highway. On or about 9:20 am on June 3, 2020, Cagayan de Oro Police Office (Cocpo) chief Police Colonel Henry G. Dampal reported to PRO 10 Regional Director PBGen Rolando B. Anduyan that they received a call for assistance since there was a shooting incident along Zone 2, Barangay Iponan, this city. Immediately, police operatives of Station 7 responded at the crime scene along Zone 2, Iponan village and conduct thorough investigation of the reported ambush involving a City Mayor from Lanao del Sur. A witness at the crime scene, Arsie Yee, told police investigators he saw the motorcycle-riding in tandem shooting at the Black Pick up vehicle. The scene was too short and the vehicle immediately disappered from the crime scene.   The shooting victims are now recuperating at Polymedic Medical Plaza along Kauswagan National Highway, this city.  Based on MDN reporter from the field as of 6:43 early evening on June 3, the wife,  Rohaifa Guro has died due to multiple gunshot wounds. She was already on critical condition at the ICU when brought to the hospital this morning after the ambush. Meanwhile, Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno has ordered the police force to conduct massive manhunt and identify the perpetrators of the crime. "The victims should be given justice that's why I am ordering the police force to conduct more investigations, surveillance and manhunt operations," the mayor said in vernacular. ###    


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