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By Norma Pacheco & Jose Funcion

Feb. 11, 2023 Davao City. Kind hearted young fresh volunteers from all walks of life, mostly students, military personnel at the likes of PHP, PCG, AIR FORCE, ARMY and other able bodied individuals, lined-up for good, offering their own lives coz ‘BLOOD is LIFE’ so that others may have life in this program “DUGONG ALAY DUGTONG BUHAY BLOOD DONATION DRIVE” presently being held & initiated by MX3 with Red Cross at Gaisano Mall, this City.

This is a one day blood letting activity that started 9am – 5pm is in partnership with Gaisano Mall, Rotary club & Red Cross Davao City being organized by Ms. Reah May Inventor of MX3 thru the inspired guidance of Ms. Theresa Orcullo the MX3 Mindanao Sales Manager. Together with some stage performing artists group known as Viva Tour Pasine, Palaro at Paconcert, bannering the theme titled “DUGTONG BUHAY SA DUGONG ALAY, BLOOD DONATION DRIVE” under the directorship of DMIRIE FOUNDATION INC. and MX3 lead by Doc. Mimi Arcillas being the Foundation Head, and thus, the whole event is being supported, secured by the team of PLTCol. Ronald Lao Stn. Cmdr. Sta. Ana Police Station with SSgt. Acob supervising.

A rough estimate of 300 blood donors, organizer’s predicts, though at a very least half of it may sound good & fine, fair enough on the current situation that, is still of difficult times cause by pandemic crisis sensing a bit scary felt around us all, said Med. Tech. Rizh Abellano, a Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Officer, who supervises the event and that all blood collections goes directly to Red Cross Blood Centre for Sorology Tests before the actual distribution for use, Abellano stresses further. As for MX3, blood donors will receive a pack of MX3 gift packages complementary for the LOVE they offered & shared to humanity thru MX3’s program “DUGONG ALAY DUGTONG BUHAY” and so shall be highly Honoured & Recognized so thus, MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.



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