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Mister Donut execs present franchising business in Pagadian City


BY JOEL C. ESCOL, Managing Editor & KIMBERLY PENAL, MDN Pagadian City

PAGADIAN CITY – Mister Donut, one of the world’s largest and fastest chain of franchises conducted a presentation at Hotel Guillermo on February 28, 2024. attended by hundreds of small and medium entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors.

Ms. Ratna Dewi Viado, the Franchise Officer of Mister Donut, presented the business elucidating the business opportunities available and guiding prospective franchisees on the path to becoming a part of the Mister Donut family.

The presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the various franchise packages and the wide array of product offerings, attracting a significant number of aspiring franchisees.

History of Mister Donut

On May 10, 1995, the Ramcar Group of Companies, one of the largest multinationals in the Philippines and the biggest battery manufacturer in Southeast Asia, acquired the master franchise of Mister Donut from the Duskin Company, Ltd.

Mister Donut, an internationally renowned brand, has introduced new franchising options aimed at enhancing the product offerings of existing convenience stores and coffee shops with minimal investments.

With over 40 years of franchising experience in the country, Mister Donut has unveiled the Convenience Store Package and Mini Package for Coffee Shops.

The Convenience Store Package, tailored exclusively for grocery and convenience store owners, requires an investment of only P110,000. This comprehensive package includes the MD Mini Showcase, single-face acrylic cut-out signage, crates storage cabinet, small wares, and a discounted franchise fee of P100,000.

Cherryl Carino, Senior Franchising Manager at Mister Donut, emphasized the suitability of this offer for air-conditioned convenience stores, enabling them to offer renowned donut products to customers seeking quick snacks or gifts for loved ones.

For coffee shop and milk tea store proprietors, the exclusive offer encompasses the MD Mini Showcase, crates storage cabinet, small wares, and franchise fee for an upfront investment of just P100,000. This package empowers owners to incorporate Mister Donut’s premium and specialty doughnuts, baked goods, and Crunchies into their offerings.

Carino highlighted the transformative potential of partnering with Mister Donut, stating, “We are offering community grocery stores and coffee shops the opportunity to elevate their businesses with minimal investment. Integrating an international brand into their establishments will elevate their offerings and attract a wider customer base.”

As an incentive for owners with multiple stores, Mister Donut applies the franchise fee solely to the first branch, with subsequent branches requiring investment solely for asset purchase.

Established in Boston, Massachusetts, Mister Donut is now under the ownership of Dunkin Co. Ltd. of Japan. Since its introduction to the Philippines in 1982, it has grown substantially, with over 600 franchised stores and more than 3,000 institutional partners and key accounts nationwide.

Entrepreneurs interested in franchising opportunities are encouraged to attend regular franchising roadshows hosted by Mister Donut. Prospective partners can initiate the process by submitting a letter of intent, Mister Donut application form, and site pictures to [email protected]. Following submission, franchise officers will conduct an initial screening and guide applicants through subsequent steps, including preparation for the final interview.

Facts About Mister Donut

Is Mr Donut a franchise?

The Mister Donut business became so popular that Winokur and Slater decided to go into franchising. As a result, Mister Donut began a rapid expansion that resulted in the opening of 275 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Why is Mister Donut so popular?

Mister Donut – The Best Donuts in Japan! – TokyoTreat Blog

Why is Mister Donut popular? The donut giant has been around since 1980. Since then, it has grown into one of the world’s largest and most successful donut chains. The company is committed to using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to create its mouth-watering treats made daily in its stores.

Is Mister Donut baked?

Mister Donut takes great pride in producing quality donuts, muffins, cookies, cake donuts, sandwiches, coffee and other delicious pastries for you! Our Baked Products are made from the freshest and the finest ingredients.

What is Mister Donut made of?

The Mister Donut style uses tapioca flour and produces mochi donuts that are easy to pull apart. Another variation developed in the United States uses glutinous rice flour which produces a denser mochi donut akin to Hawaiian-style butter mochi.

What type of business is Mister Donut?

Operator of a doughnut chain based in Chelsea, Massachusetts. The company offers doughnuts, muffins, cookies, brownies, pastries, hot and cold drinks, juices and sandwiches. $$$

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