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MIE NLC fittings: A lifelong investment in quality

Innovation in modern plumbing systems is vital for our daily lives. Selecting high-quality materials is crucial to ensure longevity and reliability, leading to lower maintenance costs and dependable performance over time.

MIE Oro Plast offers a diverse range of durable plastic pipes and fittings designed for various projects. Our Filipino team is dedicated to product innovation, delivering high-quality solutions at affordable prices for construction projects throughout the Philippines. Our Non-Loose Component (NLC) Fittings, patented by MIE Oro Plast, have emerged as the preferred option for both large-scale builders and small contractors nationwide.

MIE Oro Plast’s NLCs provide a dependable and enduring solution for your piping requirements. Crafted from premium Polypropylene (PP), they boast remarkable resistance to scale accumulation and maintain a consistent high-flow capacity over their extensive lifespan, reaching up to 50 years. Their resilience against adverse weather, impact, and moisture renders them a robust choice for any setting.

An outstanding benefit of these fittings is their exceptional chemical resistance, including resistance to microbiological corrosion, even when installed underground in moist soil. For outdoor applications, carbon black is incorporated into the fittings to shield them from UV radiation, ensuring prolonged durability and performance.

Compared to copper and brass pipes, which can be expensive and labor-intensive to install, NLC Fittings offer a cost-effective solution that is easy to install without the need for specialized tools. Available in universal shapes and nominal sizes, they are versatile for various applications. Their flexible and demountable design enhances convenience during installation and maintenance.

For drinking water applications, MIE Oro Plast prioritizes safety by ensuring that all our products are crafted from non-toxic materials, including Nitrile Rubber O-Rings, making them suitable for potable water use.

In addition to their numerous advantages, NLC Fittings offer a significant cost benefit. Priced at 40% lower than brass fittings, they represent a cost-effective and valuable investment for plumbing projects. Furthermore, their zero junk value makes them a secure choice, immune to theft or disposal, adding to their overall value proposition.

Selecting the right materials for your water pipe system is paramount to safeguarding your drinking water’s safety and upholding your home’s cleanliness. Avoid compromising on quality by opting for inferior pipes and fittings. Instead, choose MIE Oro Plast’s exceptional NLC product line—a prudent investment that ensures lasting performance.

MIE Oro Plast offers a diverse range of plumbing products tailored to various applications, including ISO-Certified and Copper Tube Sizing (CTS) options. For unmatched quality and service in plumbing solutions, MIE Oro Plast is the ultimate choice.

Visit MIE Oro Plast’s showrooms in Luzon and Mindanao:
Manila: 1022 Morong Street, Malinta, Valenzuela City
CDO: #68 J.V Seriña Street, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Contact us and pipe your way to our website at www.mieoroplast.ph
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