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Don’t call her ‘Plain Housewife’

THE words ‘Plain Housewife’ is, most often than not, commonly addressed to all mothers who are confined, or simply stay in the four corners of the house, working 24/7 without any payroll to sign to compensate for her most noble job that is most ignored, or even to the extent of being disregarded, overlooked, down into complete oblivion.

Truth of the matter is: there are not enough hours in a day for any housewife, or any other name like Mom, Mama, Momsie, etc.

Here is a piece of the standard line we often hear for a working Mom: “What does your mother do?” And the instant, usual reply that follows has become an equally standard line: She is just a plain housewife.

Poor Mom.

A Mother wakes up earlier than her husband and children to fix the day’s meals and all the routine chores lined up for the day’s housework.

And to give justice to the recent Mother’s Day celebration, here are some well-meaning notes to ponder, dedicated for all loving and caring Mothers out there.

A mother’s unique relationship with her family makes her able to give physical, psychological, and moral care that no one else can replace.

Yet motherhood also varies greatly between cultures, and we must respect diversity rather than imposing a monolithic idea of what a Mother should be.

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to honouring Mothers and their unwavering love.

While the exact date varies by country, it’s most commonly celebrated on the second Sunday of May, as is the case in many places, worldwide.

Mother’s Day traditions vary greatly across cultures. In many countries, children present their mothers with gifts, flowers, or cards. Some families choose to spend the day together, enjoying a special meal or engaging in activities their mother enjoys.

A mother’s love is like no other as it is an endless well of strength, courage, compassion and the fuel that enables us to do the impossible hence, the bond with one’s mother transcends words, time and distance and to celebrate the comfort, safety and unwavering support that we find in our mothers’ arms.

A Mother is not just a person; she is the heartbeat of the family, the anchor of our souls whose arms are made of tenderness and her heart is stitched with love so to celebrate this challenging unpaid job of motherhood.

Mother’s Day is marked to show love, appreciation and recognition for her irreplaceable role in a family. Belated Happy Mother’s Day!


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