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Brand image is crucial


Any business of any manufacturing or services should pay much attention to brand image. It is the people’s perception of the business.  It can be built either strategically by the companies or defined by the customers themselves naturally. However, when the brand identity is not consistent, it will never be created. Finally, the business will collapse soon.

Being consistent of creating the brand can improve the brand image. This strong brand image eventually boost the prospective customers’ purchase decision.  A study by Surucu, Azlem et al (2019) found that brand image is one of the factors can build the customers’ loyalty. In addition, a recent study by Saktiawan P. Dewa and Harsono, Soni (2023), found that brand image can increase the customers’ purchase decision significantly. 

Unfortunately, promotion only does not increase purchase decision. It was found that promotion can only increase purchase intention. Yet, purchase intention, when it is not boosted by brand image, the customer’ intention to purchase can be gone. Therefore, brand image is essential. 

Moreover, Song, H. et al (2019), conducted a study on coffee shop. One of the factors found to be essential for making the customers loyal and buy the product of the coffee is brand image. More specifically Faroudi, P. et al (2019) provide evidence in their study that the students’ participation, co-creating through the university’s activities can increase the brand image. Brand image, can eventually create customers’ loyalty and purchase decision.

Unfortunately, not all the business practitioners are aware of this brand image as having potent role. Brand image should be strategically managed by any best leaders in any business sectors. They can be manufacturing, producing goods, equipment, or any manufactured products. They can also be services, producing or providing services such as bank services, consulting services, tourisms, hotels, transportation, and even education like schools and universities.

 Be careful with brand image of any business. By the time, the brand is not consistent, such as changing any time, it will endanger the business. Brand identity is crucial. It is stated by Brandnoss (2023) that A “signature color” for your brand boosts brand recognition by 80 percent (Brandnoss 2023). It is so fantastic that consistency of the brand can create brand recognition by 80 percent.  

However, we have to remember that human beings attention is very short. According to Brandnoss (2023), it takes just 10 seconds for people to form an impression of our brand. Therefore, the brand identity including words, motto, color, and the related attributes should quickly attract people.  

Even, when it deals with the names, the business name or products must be short and brief. The examples are Star Bucks, McDonald, Dunkin, Toyota, Honda, Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, etc. They are short and easy to remember. When dealing with colors, it should also be consistent. Any products being labelled must be consistent. 

Brand image is crucial and therefore, any business must be cognizant about this factor. It is significantly influential on the customers’ loyalty and purchase decision. We have to design any brand of the business that can attract the people’ awareness quickly. 

Dr. Djuwari is the Associate Professor at Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA), Indonesia. The President of International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers (IASPER). He is also the editor and reviewer of some international research journals; A small business owner of Djuw Cafe.



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