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Friday, August 12, 2022


If the sky is dark and it pours cats and dogs like yesterday and some days earlier, I try my very best to beat the blues. The taxi drivers tried to make detours, the flights were delayed or cancelled due bad weather conditions – yes, it seems the whole world is against us! I am pretty sure, each one of us experienced similar times.

I was born on a Sunday – a so-called “Sunday Child”. There are sayings that those people will live a life of great success without problems, worries, and trials. Many years ago, someone told me, those born on Sunday are truly shining stars like the sun. They are never satisfied with anything ordinary. They want to shine with a distinguished brilliance amidst other people. These are highly creative individuals who wish to place themselves in the first pale in every domain of life

Well, is that really so?

I remember very difficult, problematic and questionable times in my life. A cheating taxi driver or cancelled flight have been just peanuts if I compare. In those difficult times I almost lost all my strength to get down to work on all problems. Life’s path became narrow. Fears grew: it’s enough. Really enough!

I started becoming awkward and jerky. I struggled against almost everybody around me. I was reluctant to go against other’s good ideas. I felt driven into a corner. People with indifference, arrogance and unqualified comments passed my way. Yes, also here in the Philippines… . Suddenly everything can become a problem and our voices  bellow and our groans are getting louder and louder too.

But hey, I learned something. Admittedly groans can lighten our burden! For even a short moment only, I did feel how my inner life – and inside pressure eased off. A short moment only… Suddenly more trials and problems overwhelmed us and our families and friends: illnesses, death, bankruptcy, “war at the working place”, efforts giving us a bad name, destroying the reputation, intrigues… .

“You prepare a banquet for me, where all my enemies can see me”, (Psalm 23:5). Really? Amazing! We don’t know about more and new spitefulness through my next “enemy on duty” in future.  Actually I also don’t want to know it, because negativism blocks life and its future plans.

But I know Psalm 23. I read it, every time, if I am having a problem. Not if I meet again a detouring taxi or, if my flight is delayed…. .

Psalm 23 should be printed in each and every one’s heart, mind and soul. Psalm 23 was my confirmation saying… .


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