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USAID-BHA A Comprehensive Update on Davao Del Norte Humanitarian Crisis

By: MDNN Davao

In the heart of Davao Del Norte, a region shadowed by ongoing natural calamities, the resilience of its people shines through the devastation. Recent reports 2,000 beneficiaries received 10,000 cash assistance from USAID. The province unveil a staggering impact on both the population and agriculture, highlighting a desperate need for continued humanitarian assistance and a long road to recovery.

The province, already grappling with the aftershocks of last year’s earthquakes, faces a new wave of challenges following unpredictable emergencies, including severe flooding and landslides triggered by natural phenomena such as the shear line and low-pressure areas. These events have led to significant displacement, with 168,873 families affected, equating to 723,097 individuals. Among them, 3,666 families found refuge in various evacuation centers, tallying up to 13,832 individuals.

In response to these adversities, local and international aid has been mobilized to offer relief. Approximately 144,864 families have received family food packs, while 38,508 individuals were given hygiene kits during this critical period. The agriculture sector suffered a heavy blow, with damages estimated at over 1 billion pesos, affecting 14,884 farmers and a vast array of crops. The housing sector has not been spared, with 6,347 homes reported as damaged, of which 323 were completely destroyed and 6,012 partially affected.

The human toll includes six fatalities due to drowning and landslides, with two individuals still missing. Rescue operations have been extensive, with 32,235 individuals rescued from severely flooded areas, a testament to the unwavering efforts of emergency teams and volunteers.

The Regional Humanitarian Director of USAID, Mr. Ben Hemingway, expressed gratitude to the local leadership for their decisive actions and welcomed the global support facilitated through partnerships. He underscored the importance of preparing communities for increasingly frequent and intense natural disasters, emphasizing the pivotal role of international collaboration in these efforts.

Recovery is projected to span several months, with a focus on rebuilding resilience among the affected populations. The dialogue between local authorities, international partners, and humanitarian organizations continues, aiming to address ongoing needs and mitigate future risks.

This confluence of natural disasters and humanitarian response underscores the vulnerability of regions like Davao Del Norte to climate-related events. It highlights the imperative for robust disaster preparedness, swift response mechanisms, and sustainable recovery strategies to safeguard communities against the escalating threats posed by climate change.

As Davao Del Norte faces the daunting task of recovery, the spirit of cooperation and resilience prevails, echoing a collective commitment to rebuild stronger and more prepared communities. The journey ahead is long, but with unwavering support and determination, Davao Del Norte shall rise again, embodying they resilience that defines the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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