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To blend with other cultures

Horn of Africa —Navigating to unfamiliar places like this remote region on Earth where I am currently stationed and enjoying   my senior  years  is an adventure like no other — filled with excitement, challenges and opportunities as well.

And to blend with a different culture, customs, traditions, and social norms is but a shocking experience, per se,
yet worthwhile in a sense that it opened up one’s mindset to embrace   the realities of life — be it absurb, or pleasant as it were.

For now, what is fulfilling is merging with a diverse set of talented people  from an equally diverse nationalities.

The transition is smoother now with a curious mindset still lurking where to find ways to adjust my bodyclock to a much different time zone,
cold, stemming weather and the one-of-a-kind lifestyle never imagined that it exists in this corner of planet Earth!

What is now imperatiive is to build connections and navigate  social interactions more offen and effectively, in many ways, without reservations or simply omissions.

One of the most fulfilling and perhaps most rewarding in this once-in-lifetime journey  is finding a special niche — for life, and career.

learning the body  language of people around,
and to immerse in everyday conversations are but a pre-requisite, yet  the immersion seems to last quite sometime.

What is most amazing perhaps is that people here had that tenacity of demonstrating  respect  regardless of color, be it jet black, dark brown or simply white.

And to engage is a great way to foster a sense of belongingness,
building meaningful connections with peers, and not-so-peers([email protected])


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