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Homo Sapiens Now “Spiritus Luminous”

Kim’s Dream Orlan Ravanera
Wake-up Victims of Fallacies of Life

It has been said that the most flawed of all of God’s creation is that species called homo sapiens, the only species that killed its own kind some 150 to 200 million human beings in the 20 th century alone out of two world wars including the so- called “cleansing” of Hitler (called holocaust), Stalinism and Pol Pot and the non-stop conflict and protracted war. But not only that! The earth now is facing its 6 th extinction as we are now one minute before midnight. While the 5 th extinction was caused by asteroids hitting the earth which happened some 33 million years ago, the contemporaneous cataclysmic earth scenario is called Anthropocene or “human- made.” The continuing massacre of all life forms, our mega-diversity, of billions of flora and fauna that were created billions of years before the homo sapiens came into being is the greatest sin we have committed against our Creator. The destruction of life on earth is that diabolic act that is unforgivable because it diminishes the sanctity of life and our alienation from the very essence of life, the spirt that gives meaning to life itself.

It has been said that man has been made in the image and likeness of God; the truth is, the essence of God has been reduced by man to his own image, amidst the morale collapse and religious apathy where the egoic mind is in control. The internal essence of the sublime has been sacrificed to the mundane, losing the “spirit” for the external as humanity is deeply buried now in so much materialism and consumerism. In fact, the ugliest scenario on earth is the highly urbanized center because such is just man-made or artificial. Nature that is the reflection of the Creator has been replaced by diabolic artificiality. Indeed, what would profit a man if he gains the whole world (the external) but suffers the loss of his soul (the internal essence of life). There is no beauty in the cities because all of these are artificial; what is beautiful is the natural – the beauty of the flowers, the magic in the pupa becoming butterfly, the musical sound of a flowing river, the singing of the birds – all are expressions of that universal collective Consciousness before becoming forms. Partake of that awakening Consciousness and you connect with the Source of all Life, the Unmanifested, the Unseen, the Eternal. That is the Power of Now!

Wake-up all who are victims of the fallacies of life! We are being bombarded by garbage of knowledge spawned by a materialistic, consumerist and diabolic lifestyle that sacrifices Mother Earth to the altar of greed, fame, power and profit. We are all living in oneness with all creation and everything is inter-connected in consciousness, be it one manifested in a flower or in a distant star. Each one, be human, animal, plant, rock or planet has its reason for being and when one becomes “spiritus luminous,” only then will that being be conscious of this truism. Buried in the darkness and mud of the “ego”, that may sound too weird and alien.

Meanwhile, let us learn from the wisdom of our Indigenous Peoples. Yes, only when you have cut the last tree polluted the last river and caught the last fist that you will realize that you cannot eat your money. Let us reflect that we have not inherited the natural resources from our parents but we owe these to our children. That at the rate that we have exploited God’s vanishing creation, we have in fact robbed the future generations of their inheritance, guilty of violating the 8 th Commandment which is Thou Shall Not Steal!

For those who are amassing so much at the expense of the poor and the environment in a land where vested interest and corruption reign supreme, please be mindful that when Darwin theorized that in the selection of species on the “survival of the fittest,” the word “fittest,” means not the “most aggressive” or the “strongest.” By “fittest,”

Let us serve notice to one and all that we have now awakened and must now conscienticize the Filipino people. It has become imperative to advocate for a paradigm shift during these most challenging times of Climate Change and deepening gross social inequity when the global system is collapsing as the “earth’s tipping point” has already been reached because of unsustainability in ecology, unsustainability in economy.

Let us put power where it rightfully belongs that is, with the people and to remain with them. Indeed, the people united can never be defeated, be it by cartel or by scheming politicians who, like vultures, are feeding upon the flesh of the poor. May the corrupt politicians and their cabal of vested interest diminish to give way to the genuine meaning of politics that is subservient not to the interest of big businesses but for, of, and by the people.

WAKE-UP! Human’s collective insanity brought about by the egoic mind is now over. The awakening process has now begun. You are not anymore a HOMO SAPIENS BUT SPIRITUS LUMINOUS for a new earth and a new heaven.


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