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To die is to live! We are always shocked when in the middle of our surroundings, somebody passes away. Our usual questions are: “Why die so young? Why he, why she? A natural reaction, indeed.

When Jesus finally gave up His spirit on the cross after three hours of bitter agony, the Pharisees said: “Finally, that impostor has gone. He deserved to die that kind of death!”

Let’s remember: After the waving of the tree branches by the Jewish crowd and Hosannas of Palm Sunday, the arrest of Jesus betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Olives, the imprisonment and humiliation of Holy Thursday night, the carrying of the cross, crucifixion, and death at Good Friday, – Jesus Christ rose from the tomb on Easter Sunday – glorious and will never and die again!

For Jesus, dying was not the end of everything. It was the beginning of a new life. Symbolically we see the Easter Resurrection of our Lord depicted in various ways, which always point to life after death. Especially in parts of the world where deep winter lets all plants and trees “sleep” for a couple of months, people enjoy the spirit of the new shoots that come out of a big trunk of a tree.

Eggs were usually symbols used in springtime long before Christianity came into existence. The eggs symbolize life, which its causing it to grow. Since Easter usually occurs at spring time (March or April), which is already summer in the Philippines, this egg-symbol was still in use among the pagans of early times when Christian were celebrating Easter.

A blessed Easter to all of you, my dear readers. Walk this day with great confidence in your heart, mind and soul.

And, enjoy your egg hunting with your loved ones…!

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