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Governor Oaminal Takes Step Forward: Asenso Pamilya Program Aims to Transform Lives in Misamis Occidental

In a significant move towards enhancing the lives of Misamisnons, Misamis Occidental Governor Henry S. Oaminal has formally introduced the transformative “Asenso Pamilya: One Family, One Professional Program.” The program, designed to benefit approximately 500 beneficiaries residing in Tangub City, as well as the towns of Bonifacio and Don Victoriano, was inaugurated with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

The visionary initiative, led by the provincial government of Misamis Occidental, underscores their commitment to ensuring equitable access to quality education for all constituents. The program is especially aimed at members of the indigent community, offering them a unique opportunity to have a professional in their family.

The heart of the “Asenso Pamilya” program lies in its mission to enable grant recipients to pursue and successfully complete vocational or tertiary education. This education serves as a stepping stone for beneficiaries to secure gainful employment, ultimately elevating their family’s standard of living. The initiative aligns perfectly with the region’s development thrust, encapsulated in the philosophy of “Misamisnon Magpuyong Malinawon, Malambuon ug Malipayon.”

Central to the program’s offerings are the generous educational benefits extended to its beneficiaries. The provincial government of Misamis Occidental will provide a monthly allowance of P5,000 or a total of P25,000 per semester to each beneficiary. This financial support is intended to cover essential expenses such as board and lodging, transportation, supplies, and other related costs associated with pursuing vocational or tertiary education.

Governor Oaminal’s forward-thinking approach underscores the government’s dedication to uplifting local communities and fostering sustainable progress. The “Asenso Pamilya: One Family, One Professional Program” is poised to create a positive ripple effect, empowering families and paving the way for a brighter future across Misamis Occidental.



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