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Governor Henry Oaminal Takes Swift Action with Executive Order to Safeguard Misamis Occidental’s Swine Industry

In a decisive move to protect the local swine industry and ensure food security within Misamis Occidental, Governor Henry Oaminal has issued an executive order outlining strict regulations governing the entry and transportation of live hogs, boar semen, pork, and related products into the province. The executive order, officially designated as Executive Order No. HSO-060 in the series of 2023, was signed on Friday, signaling the province’s resolute stance against the African Swine Fever (ASF) threat.

The ASF, a highly contagious viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs, has been a growing concern in various regions, posing significant risks to the swine industry and the food supply chain. Governor Oaminal’s proactive approach underscores the importance of safeguarding the province’s swine population and ensuring a stable supply of pork products for the people of Misamis Occidental.

The executive order’s key provisions include stringent measures for monitoring, testing, and quarantine of live hogs and related products entering the province. All individuals, businesses, or entities involved in the transport of these items must adhere to the specified guidelines, which are designed to prevent the potential spread of ASF.

Governor Oaminal emphasized that ASF poses a substantial threat to both the local swine industry and the overall food security of Misamis Occidental. He expressed his commitment to working closely with relevant authorities, local stakeholders, and the agricultural sector to mitigate the risks associated with ASF effectively.

The governor’s executive order has garnered support from local farmers, agricultural organizations, and concerned citizens, who view it as a proactive and necessary step in protecting the province’s vital agricultural interests. The move reflects a broader effort to bolster the region’s resilience against external threats to its food production and supply systems.

Misamis Occidental is renowned for its agricultural contributions to the region, and the executive order signifies the province’s dedication to preserving its reputation as a reliable source of pork products and maintaining the livelihoods of local farmers. With these measures in place, Governor Oaminal aims to fortify the province’s defenses against ASF and ensure the continued prosperity of its swine industry.



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