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Sinacaban Mayor Dello Lood Takes Swift Action Against African Swine Fever Outbreak

In a crucial press statement, Sinacaban Mayor Dello Lood announced a series of urgent measures to combat the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the municipality. With the virus threatening the local pig population, Mayor Lood and the Municipal Animal Disease Task Force have sprung into action to safeguard the community’s livestock.

*Swift Response to ASF Threat*

The response to the ASF outbreak has been swift and decisive. Following an Information and Education Campaign on African Swine Fever conducted just yesterday, the Municipal Animal Disease Task Force, led by Mayor Dello Lood, wasted no time in visiting the affected Barangays of Sinonoc and San Vicente. Their mission: to implement a Depopulation Activity, which is a critical step in preventing the further spread of ASF.

As of today, an estimated 80 piglets have been humanely culled as part of this responsive measure. Mayor Lood expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the residents of these Barangays for their cooperation in helping contain the virus among the local pig population.

*Community Cooperation is Key*

Mayor Dello Lood emphasized the importance of community cooperation in addressing the ASF outbreak. He urged residents to continue their support for the ongoing DEPOPULATION or CULLING activity. This collective effort is vital in curbing the spread of ASF and protecting the livelihoods of local pig farmers.

*Continued Vigilance*

With the battle against ASF ongoing, tomorrow will see the continuation of the DEPOPULATION activity. The municipal authorities earnestly appeal to the community for their full cooperation in this endeavor to combat the ASF outbreak.

The situation remains fluid, and Sinacaban’s leaders are committed to taking all necessary steps to safeguard their community’s livestock and economic interests. As the fight against African Swine Fever continues, Mayor Dello Lood and his team are determined to lead their community through these challenging times, working hand in hand with the people of Sinacaban to protect their way of life.



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