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BARMM lawmakers file bill to boost flu vaccination rates

MARAWI CITY — To improve flu vaccination rates in the Bangsamoro region, Member of Parliament Dr. Hashemi Dilangalen filed Parliament Bill No. 275, which aims to establish a comprehensive public health literacy and promotion campaign to educate Bangsamoro residents about the effects and benefits of vaccination.

Dilangalen emphasized the need for an extensive government-led campaign to raise awareness about the vaccines’ nature, benefits, and possible side effects. 

He also stressed the importance of allocating sufficient funds to make vaccines accessible across all age groups or providing affordable options.

The bill seeks to create a specialized Public Health Promotion and Communications Unit under the Ministry of Health.

The unit will formulate evidence-based policies, develop literacy enhancement programs, implement community strategies, collaborate with non-government stakeholders, conduct research and data analysis, and initiate public engagement initiatives.

Dilangalen said the bill will help mitigate vaccine hesitancy, skepticism, and uncertainty among the population.

If enacted, the unit will consist of a unit chief, two health communication specialists, two media and communication officers, and one multimedia and design specialist.

To ensure accessibility and affordability, the regional government plans to allocate a subsidy for flu vaccinations for all Bangsamoro residents.

Once enacted, the Ministry of Health will incorporate the said unit into its programs.

Three years after the implementation of PB No. 275, the MOH will submit bi-annual reports to Parliament detailing the progress and outcomes of the measure.

MPs Ali Montaha Babao, Rasul Ismael, Tarhata Maglangit, and Abdulwahab Pak are co-authors of PB No. 275. (BTA Parliament/PIA-10 Lanao del Sur)


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