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4 BTA Parliaments members released 2.5M to CRMC for medical assistance


FOUR PARLIAMENTS MEMBER of the  Bangsamoro Transition Authority  (BTA)  has  recently released  some  2.5 million  for medical assistance  to the  Cotabato Regional Medical

Center (CRMC) . MP Abdulwahab M. Pak  has donated 1million ,while , MP Engr Aida M. Silongan ,MP Denmartin A. Kahalan and MP Atty Rasol Y. Mitmug  donated  5000K each 

respectively  as their  commitment to public to public  welfare.

CRMC Chief Dr. Ishmael  R. Dimaren  said  as an institution renowned for its exemplary healthcare services , this  benevolent  act aims to alleviate  the burden of medical  expenses for  underprivileged individuals and strengthen the community’s access to quality healthcare. 

80% of our patients come from the Bangsamoro area. This amount will surely help a lot of patients, especially those who are struggling to meet the end. The medical assistance program initiated by the parliament members  will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact on the local community. By alleviating the financial  burden of medical expenses, the program will enable

individuals and families to focus on their health and recovery  rather than worrying about mounting bills. This initiative  resonates particularly in times when the global healthcare

landscape is facing unprecedented challenges, emphasizing the importance  of solidarity and support  Dr. Dimaren  said  in her acceptance speech.

The act of kindness of these four parliament members signifies more than just financial support; it exemplifies a collective act of kindness that transcends political boundaries. Their willingness to join hands and contribute to the betterment of society showcases the power of unity for a common cause. The donation from each parliamentarian not only demonstrates their compassion but also highlights their belief in the critical role that accessible healthcare plays in societal development., 

To commemorate this extraordinary act of generosity, a short program was held at the CRMC Grand Auditorium. Heading the CRMC is the esteemed Medical Center Chief Dr. Ishmael R. Dimaren, a visionary leader in the healthcare sector. Under his guidance, the CRMC has consistently strived to provide comprehensive and compassionate medical care to individuals from all walks of life. This significant financial boost will undoubtedly enhance the center’s capacity to reach a broader spectrum of patients, ensuring that no one is left without proper medical attention due to financial constraints

The program provided a platform for the parliament members to express their commitment to healthcare accessibility and their dedication to public welfare. MP Abdulwahab M. Pak, MP Engr. Aida M. Silongan , MP Denmartin A. Kahalan and MP Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug Jr. also expressed their commitment to always be supportive of CRMC’s goal, as they know what it feels to have a patient. They also commend the improvement of the services and infrastructure of CRMC.

The total of Php 2.5 million donations made by the four parliament members stand as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the betterment of society. Their contributions will facilitate CRMC’s mission to provide top-notch medical care to those in need. As the community rallies behind this remarkable initiative, it serves as a reminder that compassion, unity, and a shared sense of purpose can bring about positive change even in the most challenging times. This benevolent act showcases the best of human nature and paves the way for a brighter, healthier future for all.



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