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1.8 billion Muslims worldwide flock to Masjid in observance of Eid’l Adha


TODAY, WEDNESDAY, June 28, the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims Ummah will mark Eid al-Adha, the Festive of Sacrifice”, the most important holiday in the Islamic Calendar.

Sheik Abdulrauf A. Guialani Bangsamoro Jurist Deputy Mufti and Officer-in-Charge said base on the announcement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the moon was sighted on the evening  29 of Dul Qa-dah, June 18 2023, we would like to inform your good office that the Woqout of Arafah will be on Tuesday 9th of Dhul-Hajjah 1444 H. Corresponding to 27th of June and Eidul Adha Mubarak will on 10 of Dhul Hijjah 1444 corresponding to 28th of June .

In line with this development  through the recommendation of Secretary Guiling Mamondiong of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF), President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos declared June 28, 2023 as regular holiday throughout the country in observance of Eidl Adha (feast of Sacrifice ) pursuant to Proclamation No. 258.

Sheik Aleem Mostaqbal Manalao and former governor of Lanao del sur said “the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice commemorates Ibrahim’s

willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael after Allah’s command

Following the prayers, many began to slaughter animals, a ritual honoring the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham to

Jews and Christians) to sacrifice his own son on God’s behest before the command was revoked.

The meat of sacrificed animals is shared with the needy

“For a long time, our ancestors sacrificed during Eid al-Adha, expressed their good wishes, and recited from the Quran. They distributed sacrificial meat to the needy, which strengthens the sense of kinship and respect,” said  Mohammad Yasser Imam of  Iligan City

Eid al-Adha marks the culmination of the hajj (pilgrimage) rites at Mina, Saudi Arabia, near Mekkah, but is celebrated by Muslims throughout the world. As with Eid al-Fitr, it is distinguished by the performance of communal prayer (salat) at daybreak on its first day. Yasser said

It begins on the 10th of Dhul al-Hijjah, the last month of Islamic calendar and continues for an additional thress dats (through the Muslim use of a lunar calendar means that may occur any season of the year.

During the festival ,families that can afford to sacrifice a ritual acceptable animal (sheep, goat, camel or cow) do so and then divide the flesh equally among themselves, the poor, and friends and neighbors. Eid al-Adha is also a time for visiting with friends and family and for exchanging gifts. Yasser added.

Dr. Sahanne M. Sumagayn  Schools Division Superintendent of Lanao del sur 1` said  Eidl al-Adha serves as a remember of the values of faith ,obedience, sacrifice. and compassion,promoting unity and solidarity within the Muslim community and fostering a sense of gratitude and generosity.

Sumagayan added that it also serves  as a reminder of the virtues of Prophet Ibrahim , his unwavering faith, and his willingness  to sacrifice. It emphasizes the importance of submission to God’s commands, compassion towards others, and the sharing of blessings with the less  fortunate. ###


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