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“Mass Surrender of NPA Supporters in Surigao del Norte Continues”

July 8, 2019

A total of 396 New People’s Army (NPA) supporters from the different towns of Surigao del Norte surrendered to 30th Infantry Battalion on July 4, 2019. The surrenders are composed of 37 Sangay sa Partido Lokal (SPL) or local party members, 46 Militia ng Bayan (MB), 146 Underground Mass Organization (UGMO) members and 167 mass supporters.    The mass surrender happened same day in two separate occasion, 244 in Malimono town while the other 152 surrendered at 30IB headquarters in Sta Cruz, Placer, SDN. Thru the effort of the Community Support Teams of 30IB in cooperation with the LGU in Malimono town, the 244 NPA supporters underwent a deradicalization seminar before taking their oath of allegiance in front of the Municipal Hall of Malimono with Mayor Wallace Senaca presiding the oath-taking. Eleven (11) assorted firearms were also surrendered by MBs to Mayor Senaca and Lieutenant Colonel Allen Tomas on the said day. "Ang atin pong pagtitipon ngayon ay walang ibang hinahangad kun di ang pagkakaisa, pagkakaunawaan, kapayapaan at kaunlaran. Hangad ko po sa inyong lahat na nawa'y ang pagkakaisa natin ngayon ay magbubukas sa inyong lahat ng mas magandang mga oportunidad at pantay na karapatan sa mga biyaya na maibibigay ng ating gobyerno", Mayor Senaca said. "Walang iba'ng hangarin ang ating gobyerno kundi ang maibigay ang mga basic services na kinakailangan ng taumbayan", he added. Alyas Gabriela, one of the surrenderee said to her fellow supporters that they need to stop supporting the NPA, "undangon na nato ang pag suporta sa CPP-NPA-NDF og ilabina sa organisasyon sa NAMASUN nga maoy nag ilad sa atoa aron magamit kita sa pag rally sa syudad og ato nang isalikway ang hukbo sa atong barangay", she said in local dialect.   Meanwhile, 152 NPA supporters from Surigao City, Tagana-an, San Francisco and Sison town voluntarily surrendered to 30IB headquarters and disclosed significant information that are very helpful in our intent to identify supporters and track the CNTs. "The massive surrenders of NPA supporters were attributed to the combined efforts of the development programs of the AFP thru its Community Support Program, creation of Peace and Development Zone to counter insurgency in CARAGA; and the intensified campaign of Local Government Units in leading their constituents to stop supporting the NPA and its failed ideology urging them instead to support the government in the fight to end insurgency" Lt. Col Allen Raymund C Tomas, Commanding Officer of 30IB said. On his part, Col Maurito L Licudine, the 402nd Brigade Commander said that the continuous influx of surrenders in Surigao del Norte can be attributed to the influence of alias RD who earlier yielded to the troops of 30IB. He said that RD made the new surrenderers understands the deception and manipulation he had done in order to recruit them and support their cause. "Peaceful resolution of conflict is the best way to address the pressing issues confronting us today.   We are very elated because not only the people are awakened but leaders are openly taking a stand against the CNTs. Clearly, the Whole of Nation Approach under EO70 which seeks to bring about concerted effort among stakeholders is gaining headway in our campaign to end local communist armed conflict", said Licudine. We urge the CNTs and other supporters to take this opportunity where our government have given prime importance to those who will decide to end their armed struggle. Avail the E-CLIP for a new start in life ", Col Licudine ended.

“4ID Lauds Launching of RTF – ELCAC in Caraga; Vows Full Support”

June 28, 2019

The Joint RDC-RPOC Full Councils Meeting was highlighted with the presence of Cabinet Secretary Alexie Karlo B Nograles, the designated Cabinet Officers for Regional Development and Security (CORDS) for CARAGA Region as the Presiding Officer together with the Chairperson of RPOC 13, outgoing Governor of Agusan del Norte and Congresswoman-Elect Hon Maria Angelica Rosedell Amante-Matba, and the Vice-Chairperson of RDC 13, Atty Bonifacio Uy, Regional Director of NEDA 13.   Also present were Co-Vice Chairperson of RPOC 13, Major General Franco Nemesio M Gacal, Commander of 4th Infantry “Diamond” Division and Ms Lilibeth Famacion, Regional Director of DILG 13, Head Secretariat of RPOC 13, Gov Santiago B Cane Jr, Agusan del Sur, Gov Arlene J Bag-ao, Dinagat Islands, Gov Dale B Corvera, Agusan del Norte, Gov Alexander T Pimentel, Surigao del Sur and Gov Francisco T Matugas, Surigao del Norte. Several Mayors headed by Mayor Ronnie Vicente Lagnada of Butuan City were also present during the activity.   The launching is the first of its kind and marked another milestone in the government’s effort to end local communist armed conflict especially that CARAGA is one of the priority regions of the National Task Force. As early as August 2018, NEDA 13, in partnership with 402nd Brigade and cognizant stakeholders, particularly the RPOC and RDC, spearheaded the formulation of the Peace and Development Zones (PDZs).   The PDZ recognizes the whole of nation approach in addressing the root causes of insurgency and other forms of conflict and uses a conflict sensitivity lens in addressing prevalent issues in the Conflict Affected Areas (CONAAs). With the directive of the President, PDZ shall be the Region’s banner program to operationalize EO. 70 in order to address the root causes of insurgencies, internal disturbances and tensions, and other forms armed conflict and threats. It aims to promote the establishment of durable peace and inclusive development. Several proposed programs and projects based on identified needs will be implemented in focused areas now called PDZs. The PDZ has become the template as banner program for the implementation of the Executive Order in other Regions.   In his message, Secretary Nograles said, “I will be your bridge in Malacanang and will ensure that the proposed programs and projects will have appropriate budget for implementation”. He also stated that his function is to assist in articulating the region’s concern; assist in seeking efficient and orderly resolution of problems; preside over joint meetings of RDC and RPOC to harmonize peace and security and development efforts; and ensure that all projects, programs and activities are well implemented. In his statement, Col Maurito L Licudine, Commander of 402nd Infantry Brigade said, “We are elated that finally, the RTF-ELCAC is created here in CARAGA as the operationalization of the whole of Nation Approach in addressing the insurgency problem. The RTF-ELCAC mechanism will synergize the inter-agency convergence embodied in the creation of 12 Clusters addressing the various concerns that is fueling the insurgency problem. In our part, we ensure our continuous commitment towards any government counter – insurgency efforts and assume our full support to the RTF- ELCAC".   Likewise, Col Alllan D Hambala, Commander of 401st Infantry Brigade expressed his excitement on the launching of RTF-ELCAC of CARAGA as it will pave the way for a focused and harmonized agency intervention in addressing the insurgency problem. Maj Gen Gacal on his part emphasized, “We are truly grateful for this activity and we offer our full commitment and support to the RTF-ELCAC CARAGA Region. This will further advance, synchronize and harmonize our convergence efforts to finally achieve our common aspirations for lasting peace and inclusive development. We call on all peace-loving people of CARAGA for your continued support since there are still a lot of works to be done. Other regions will look up to CARAGA as the role model in the implementation of our convergence efforts and this is a welcome challenge to all the members of the Task Force.” “The same activity will be conducted in Bukidnon this Friday, 28 June 2019 and just the same, we are excited of the launching”, Gacal added.   The launching of RTF-ELCAC is in line with President Duterte’s proclamation of Executive Order No. 70 last December 28, 2019. It institutionalizes the Whole-of- Nation Approach in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace, creating a national task force to end local communist armed conflict, and directing the adoption of a national peace framework. It provides an efficient mechanism as a government policy for the attainment of inclusive and sustainable peace.


June 27, 2019

LTC Jaime R Datuin presented a plaque of appreciation to Datu Nemesio Domogoy Barrios, a tribal leader of Manobo Tribe in Sitio Sote, Bislig City, SDS last June 22, 2019, in recognition of his invaluable support and cooperation with the unit’s efforts to end the communist terrorists' threat in the area. These people also face threats, violent attacks and even death by protecting their communities from CPP-NPA-NDF and took considerations the effect of these to their future descendants and chose to help the government in building peace and development throughout the area. Datu Domogoy said, "Nagpasalamat ako sa kasundaluhan sa pag appreciate sa among pagpaningkamut nga mahimong malinawon ang among lugar. Kami nga mga lumad pakamatyan gyud namu ang yutang kabilin sa among mga katigulangan ug hangtod sa among kamatayun, among ipadayon ang suporta para mapalig-on ang kalinaw ug kalamboan sa among lokalidad", Datu Domogoy said. Lt Col Datuin, the Battalion Commander said that “I am very thankful for the support extended by Datu Domogoy and his people. Our partnership is moving towards their aspirations to have peace in their community. Surely this will be a catalyst for development and the Manobo people will benefit from this. We will also give same recognition to the other IP communities and stakeholders in the area. This is our humble way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude as we continue to enhance collaboration and strengthen convergence efforts to finally end local communist armed conflict” Datuin ended. On the other hand, Col Allan D Hambala, the Commander of 401st Infantry Brigade extended his grateful appreciation to these IP leaders for their continued collaboration with the Philippine Army in its effort to prevent the terrorists from exploiting the different tribal groups in the brigade's area of jurisdiction.

Another NPA Commander, His Party Wife and 2 Others Surrender in Surigao del Norte

June 25, 2019

The surrenderers were identified as Roel A Borimbao @NONAME, 37 years old, the Commanding Officer of Sandatahang Yunit Pampropaganda 16B1 (SYP16B1), Guerilla Front 16 (GF16) NEMRC operating in Surigao City, San Francisco, Taganaan and Sison, all of Surigao del Norte.   With him is his party wife identified as Roselle E Dagante @WELLA, 21 years old, Political Instructor of SYP16B1, GF16, NEMRC, Archie Milallos @RD, 35 years old, Political Instructor of SYPB2, GF16 NEMRC, and a certain Michael T Florino @MARK, 27 years old, Assistant Team Leader, Squad Dos, SYP16B1, GF16.   They also surrendered with them two (2) M14 Rifles, one (1) M4-CiS rifle, one (1) AR15 M16A1 rifle, four (4) M14 magazines, two (2) M16 short magazines, two (2) anti-personnel mines, one hundred eleven (111) 5.56mm ammo and sixty four (64) 7.62mm ammo.     An NPA Commanding Officer is in charge in the NPA's military works like tactical offensive and terroristic attacks on civilian properties while a Political Instructor (PI) is in charge of all political works to include organizing the far flung communities so they will have the material, financial, and moral support needed to advance their armed struggle. The PI is also in charge to recruit new members. According to @NONAME; their organization is falling apart because of the losing support of the masses and chaos within the organization.  He also disclosed the reason why he decided to surrender, "Dili na nako makaya ang sakripisyo ug kakapoy sa sigeng lakaw, kabug-at sa dala nga walay saktong kaon ilabina sa  kamingaw nga malayo sa pamilya. Wala na ako makasabot sa balaod sa rebolusyunaryong kalihukan mao ang hinungdan nga misurrender ko."   @NONAME urged the remaining NPA members to surrender to the folds of the law and embrace a peaceful life "Giawhag ko ang tanan na akong kauban nga naa sa kabukiran, nanghinaot ako nga managdagan kamo, kabalo ko nga gibati na mo ug kahuyang dira sa kabukiran sama sa gibati nako"   @ NONAME also called on the NPA mass supporters to stop supporting the terrorist movement, "Sa mga katawhan nga masang kabus sa mag uuma, giawhag ko kamo na undangon na nato ang pagsuporta sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan tungod kay igo lang ta nila gidula-dulaan"   Meanwhile Lt.Col. Allen Raymund C. Tomas, Commanding Officer 30IB said, "This is a big blow to GF16. Losing @NONAME, the CO of SYP16B, would be a demoralizing factor among their ranks.   The intensified conduct of CSP and pressure from combat operations in SDN eventually led to the surrender of their leaders and would pave way to other NPA members to the return to the folds of the law and choose a better life rather than continue espousing the failed ideology of communism. Muli kaming nananawagan at kumakatok sa lahat ng mga membro ng CCP/NPA na andito po ang army at ang local government unit para tulungan kayong makabalik sa matiwasay na pamumuhay bilang isang mamamayang Pilipino." In his statement, Col Maurito L Licudine, Commander, 402nd Brigade in Caraga said,   "The surrender of a High Ranking Commander with other middle-rank leaders is a clear indication that the NPA's in the said area are already disintegrating. We expect that Peace in those areas is forthcoming and this we owe to the people and the stakeholders who committed and continuously support the efforts of the government's counter insurgency campaign"     "We urge other NPA members to come out and surrender. Follow the lead of all @ NONAME since they were the ones who made you believed and joined the NPA. Now, they have realized the futility of the armed struggle and that their dream of change cannot be achieved thru violence but only in an environment of peace free from threat and chaos", Col Licudine ended.

“Six NPA couriers apprehended in Surigao Clash”

June 24, 2019

Tago, Surigao del Sur - Army’s 36th Infantry (Valor) Battalion, Philippine Army under 402nd Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army battled members of CPP-NPA terrorists (CNTs) in Vic Bibian, Brgy Mampi, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur at around 11:20 am. of June 22, 2019.   The government troops were responding to the reports from local populace of NPA terrorist extorting from the people when they encountered MOL 6 CNTs believed to be members of SPP1, WGF30, NEMRC under Joel Mahinay @Nico at Vic Bibian, Brgy Mampi, Lanuza, SDS. Firefight lasted for about ten minutes after which the enemy scampered to different directions.   While scouring the encounter site, government troops apprehended 6 civilians carrying foodstuff and CNT's supplies who were identified as Lisa Bacor Clorina, 39 y/o, Isagani De Castro Nazareno, 36 y/o, Gino De Castro Nazareno, 42y/o, Cyrel Nazareno, 30y/o, Juan de Castro Nazareno, 28 y/o, Cherry Mae Maquiling, 31y/o all resident of Brgy Gamuton, Lanuza SDS.   Items captured were four (4) cartons corn beef, one (1) box bihon, one (1) gal cooking oil, one (1) gal soy sauce, one (1) gal vinegar, four (4) trays fresh egg, one (1) pack biscuits, twenty-four (24) pcs noodles, four (4) empty container, thirty-six (36) pcs sardines, five (5) pads notebook and pencils, two (2) habal2x motor cycle and assorted ingredients.   Based on Article 4, Part 4 of the International Humanitarian Law states that, “civilian population and civilians shall be treated such and shall be distinguished from combatants and together with their property, and not be the object of attack”   LTC XERXES A TRINIDAD INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer of 36IB, in his statement, "We strongly condemn the extortion of the CNTs victimizing innocent civilians. It is also disheartening that CPP-NPA Terrorist threatens the civilians and use them as their courier for their futile cause. This is another Violation of the International Humanitarian Law 36 VALOR and a complete disrespect to the rule of law. Civilians must be spared and must not be utilized in any armed conflict."   "The relentless combat operations in the areas are meant to drive the NPA terrorists away and to protect the communities from threat and extortion. To the remaining CNTs, stop threatening and using civilians and non-combatant, spare them of your treachery and deception. It is not too late, join the government in giving true service to humanity and attaining the peace we all wanted, surrender now and avail the ECLIP of the government,” LTC Trinidad added.

20 NPA members, supporters surrender In Bislig

June 20, 2019

Reports reaching the Philippine Army’s 4th Infantry Division in Cagayan de Oro say that the recent batch of surrenders composed of two (2) regular NPA, two Sangay Partido sa Lokalidad (SPL), 11 Milisya ng Bayan (MB) and five Underground Mass Organization (UGMO) members were erstwhile members of Weakened Guerilla Front (WGF) 14 of the North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC) of the CPP- NPA. The military identified the surrenders by their NPA aliases as Tapul, James, RR, Bata, Mer, Maegan, Roy, Dodong, Ba-ang, Kaba-kaba, Botyok, Palakata, Pino, Jerry, Esidro, Estong, Rachel, Jun, Joebert, and George.   They brought with them 29 assorted firearms and war materiel including four CZ858 rifles with four magazines, one M16A1 rifle with three loaded magazines, one M14 rifle with one loaded magazine, two AK47 rifles with loaded magazines, four caliber .45 pistols, two caliber .38 revolver pistols, caliber .30 (Improvised), three caliber .22 with ten rounds ammunitions and 11 improvised shotguns. They also surrendered assorted materiel used for manufacturing Improvised Explosive Device (IED) such as blasting caps and electrical wires.   Lt. Col. Jaime Datuin, the Commander of 75th IB said the CPP-NPA can no longer stop their members from abandoning them because more and more are realizing the futility of their struggle. “According to our agents, their members are feeling the intensity of military and police operations, forcing them to go into hiding for days with little or no food at all. Many of them are sick and need immediate medical attention”, Datuin said.   Alyas Tapul, 46, a regular member of Platoon 2, GF14, NEMRC said: “Dako akong pasalamat sa Ginoo nga ako nakasibat uban ang akong mga kauban nga mga membro gikan sa sabakan sa kumonistang organisasyon kung diin kami na ilad sa propaganda sa NPA. Sila misaad kanamu nga mulowas sa pag daog-daog sa gobyerno sa mga kabos nga mag-uuma ug supportahan nila among pamilya sa sakto nga kantidad nga ilang gi saad. Apan kahadlok ug kagutom ang among naangkon ug way pulos nga pakig away sa mga sundalo. Dako akong pasalamat nga pinaagi sa kasundalohan sa 75IB kami nahibalik sa sabakan sa atong goberno (I am very thankful to God almighty because together with my comrades, we were able to escape from the clutches of the CPP-NPA. Their leaders promised us when we were being recruited that they will alleviate the sufferings of farmers like me. They said they will stop government oppression and provide support to our families. But none of these ever happened and all we got are hunger and fear. I am grateful to 75IB for bringing us back to the folds of the law.),” Tapul said.   Datuin said the former CPP-NPA terrorists made the right choice. “Mabuti na lang sumuko sila nang maayos sapagkat naiwasan natin ang pagdanak ng dugo. Ngayon, pwede na ulit silang magsimula ng panibagong buhay kapiling ang kanilang mga pamilya,” he said.   The surrenders will be undergoing debriefing as part of their enrolment to the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP). Once completed, they would be able to avail various financial and livelihood assistance from the national and local government.   Col. Allan Hambala who heads the Army’s 401st Infantry Brigade said the surrender is a huge blow to the CPP-NPA group operating in Caraga and the entire Mindanao.   “They are on the brink of defeat that is why I am encouraging the remaining armed members of the CPP-NPA to heed the national government’s call for peace. Do not wait until our forces catch up with you on the jungles because we will be relentless in our campaign. My advice is to lay down your arms and surrender peacefully- that is your only choice”, Hambala warned.   Meanwhile, Hambala lauded his troops for facilitating the surrender and preventing bloodshed. He noted that in Surigao del Sur alone, 395 former CPP-NPA members and supporters have already surrendered since January this year.   MGEN Franco Nemesio M Gacal, the 4th Infantry Division Commander expressed confidence that more active CPP-NPA members will surrender in the coming months because of community support programs and enhanced delivery of social services especially in conflict-affected areas. “Let us not wait for another decade before we put an end to the local communist armed conflict. Let us work together towards lasting peace and sustainable development,” he said.


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