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P1.4 Million Power Boost: Plaridel’s Electrification Project Aims for a Brighter Future

A momentous event unfolded in Plaridel as the local government, under the visionary leadership of Mayor Gadwin Handumon, joined forces with Governor Henry Oaminal and First District Representative Jason Almonte to inaugurate the Polo- Pitogo Electrification Project. The ceremonial switch-on illuminated the dreams and aspirations of Plaridelnons, showcasing a remarkable advancement in electric power distribution within the community.

With a resounding commitment to progress, the collaborative effort between the provincial government of Misamis Occidental and the dedicated local government unit materialized in the form of a groundbreaking initiative. The Polo-Pitogo Electrification Project, funded with P1.4 million, is poised to reshape the lives of 114 households, encompassing more than 390 individuals, residing in the area.

The significance of this endeavor cannot be overstated, as the once dimly lit streets now radiate with newfound brightness. The lives of residents are expected to undergo a transformation, with improved access to modern amenities and enhanced quality of life. This substantial stride towards development aligns perfectly with the overarching vision of “Asenso Plaridel” and “Asenso Misamis Occidental.”

Mayor Handumon expressed his elation during the momentous switch-on event, stating, “Today, we witness not just the flickering of light bulbs, but the ignition of hope and progress. The Polo-Pitogo Electrification Project symbolizes our collective dedication to uplifting every Plaridelnon and propelling our community towards a brighter future.”

Governor Oaminal echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of unity in achieving sustainable progress. “By joining hands and investing in initiatives like the Polo Pitogo Electrification Project, we empower our people and pave the way for holistic growth,” he remarked.

First District Representative Almonte, a staunch advocate for community development, highlighted the positive ripple effect of such projects. “The benefits of electrification extend beyond just illumination. They encompass education, healthcare, and economic opportunities that will enrich the lives of generations to come,” he affirmed.

The successful inauguration of the Polo-Pitogo Electrification Project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and unwavering dedication to progress. Plaridel stands as a shining example of how united efforts can bring about lasting change, illuminating the path towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all.



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