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Major Drug Bust in Oroquieta City: Two Arrested in High-Value Buy-Bust Operation

In a significant development, a joint operation conducted by the PDEU (Police Drug Enforcement Unit), MOCPPO (Misamis Occidental Provincial Police Office), and PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) led to the apprehension of two individuals involved in the illegal drug trade. The operation took place on the evening of September 7, 2023, at Purok 5, Brgy San Vicente Alto, Oroquieta City.

The primary suspects identified as Teddie Maria Cusmod Culajara, a 39-year-old resident of P1, Brgy Matipas, Aloran, Misamis Occidental, and George Manliquez Gregorio, a 35-year-old farmer residing in P5, Brgy Maular, Aloran, Misamis Occidental, were taken into custody. Notably, Teddie Culajara held the dubious distinction of being ranked as the TOP 6 PNP Regional Priority Target and was also on the PNP/PDEA Target List as a high-value individual (HVI).

The operation, carried out under the coordination of PCPT Junrie A Cabasan, involved the purchase of illegal drugs from Culajara. Law enforcement recovered a significant quantity of suspected shabu (methamphetamine) along with various items associated with the illicit trade.

The confiscated items included:

– 7 rectangular sachets containing suspected shabu

– 1 folded paper used for packaging

– 1 one-hundred peso bill

– 1 motorcycle key

– 1 Unit Vivo Smartphone

– 1 driver’s license

– 2 genuine five-hundred peso bills used as buy-bust money

– 1 Unit MIO Yamaha motorcycle driven by Teddie Maria Culajara

George Gregorio was found in possession of:

– 1 elongated heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing suspected shabu

– 1 Unit Vivo Smartphone used to conceal the drugs

– 1 black and brown leather wallet

– 1 one-thousand peso bill

– 1 five-hundred peso bill

– 6 one-hundred peso bills

The estimated street value of the confiscated items was approximately 2 grams of shabu, with a value of 13,600 pesos.

Importantly, the operation was conducted with transparency and in accordance with legal protocols. It took place in the presence of two elected Barangay Officials and a Media Representative, with the entire operation captured on Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs). Additionally, the arrested suspects were duly informed of their Constitutional Rights.

Both suspects were subsequently taken to Oroquieta CPS (City Police Station) for appropriate legal action and disposition. This operation serves as a significant blow to the illicit drug trade in the region and underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies in combating the drug menace.



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