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Italpinas Development Corporation’s P1.2-B Firenze Green Tower to rise in Oro


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – Real estate is indeed booming in the “City of Golden Friendship,” with the recent pronouncements of Italpinas Development Corporation that the much awaited Firenze Green Tower will finally rise at the buzzling commercial district along Lapasan National Highway.

During its Mid-year Thanksgiving Celebration on October 2 at Mallberry Suites Hotel, Italpinas Development Corporation Chairman and CEO Arch. Romolo Nati shared the specific details of the upcoming project to be known as Firenze Green Tower, a 15-storey high-rise mixed-use development on a 6,790-sqm property along Rosario Limketkai Avenue, situated adjacent to ACE Medical Center

According to Arch Nati’s revelations the gross floor area (GFA) of 24,779 sqm is saleable in total. The tower will be composed of 364 residential units (312 studio units each with an average area of 26.25 sqm and 26 one-bedroom units with an 52.5 sqm26 two-bedroom units with an average area of 78.75 sqm)

In the Site Development Plan, the ground floor will have 12 commercial units, the 2nd level will be for parking (124 slots), then 13 residential levels and finally, the amenity level on the roof top including a pool.

Italpinas Corporation: Pioneering Sustainable Real Estate in the Philippines

In a world increasingly aware of the urgent need for sustainable development, Italpinas Corporation has emerged as a trailblazing force in the Philippines’ real estate sector. With a commitment to eco-friendly and aesthetically innovative projects, Italpinas is setting a new standard for urban living in the archipelago.

Founded in 2009 by Italian architect Romolo Nati and Filipino lawyer Jojo Leviste, Italpinas Corporation has rapidly gained recognition for its pioneering approach to sustainable real estate development. The company is driven by a mission to create environmentally responsible and socially responsive projects while maximizing returns for its investors.

The Green Design Philosophy

Italpinas’ signature design philosophy revolves around the concept of “biophilic architecture,” which integrates nature and green technology into urban structures. This approach is most notably exemplified by their flagship projects, Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro and Primavera City in Uptown Cagayan de Oro.

Primavera Residences

Primavera Residences, completed in 2012, is a striking twin-tower condominium complex that seamlessly merges nature with urban living. The development features lush vertical gardens and solar panels that reduce energy consumption. Its green architecture not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also reduces the building’s carbon footprint.

Primavera City

Building on the success of Primavera Residences, Italpinas embarked on the ambitious Primavera City project. This mixed-use development takes sustainable living to the next level. It includes residential units, commercial spaces, and a hotel, all designed with eco-friendliness in mind. With advanced rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic panels, and passive cooling techniques, Primavera City is a testament to Italpinas’ commitment to a greener future.

Positive Impact on Communities

Italpinas Corporation’s sustainable projects extend beyond mere architecture. The company prioritizes community engagement and social responsibility. They believe in creating developments that contribute positively to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Local Collaboration

Italpinas often collaborates with local artisans and craftsmen, using locally sourced materials to support the regional economy. By doing so, they foster a sense of pride and ownership among the local communities.

Education and Sustainability Advocacy

Italpinas is also actively involved in educating communities about sustainability. Through workshops, seminars, and community programs, they empower residents to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.

Recognition and Awards

The dedication of Italpinas Corporation to sustainable real estate development has not gone unnoticed. The company has received numerous awards and accolades for their innovative designs and eco-friendly initiatives. Some of the notable awards include the 2018 Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the Asia Pacific Property Awards and the 2017 Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the International Property Awards.

Italpinas Corporation has redefined the real estate landscape in the Philippines by prioritizing sustainability and green design. Through their biophilic architecture and commitment to community engagement, Italpinas has demonstrated that it’s possible to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible urban developments.

As the world grapples with environmental challenges, Italpinas Corporation serves as an inspiring example of how the real estate industry can be a catalyst for positive change. By blending innovation, sustainability, and community development, Italpinas is not only building structures but also building a brighter, greener future for the Philippines. ###

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