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Good prize, Sir!

I love Shakespeare! Most of his literary works can inspire one to prepare one write up after the next.

“All the world’s a stage” and columnists sometimes might really roar like a lion. Being sure about their topics they don’t have “much ado about nothing” now and then, or from time to time. Occasionally columnists and other writers or commentators feel like “love’s labour’s lost” by pointing defects and abuses but only receive discredit, misinterpretations, disapproval, disdain or indifference.

That causes me personally a certain uneasiness of mind. We all know that hell is paved with good intentions; but before we might miss the bus, let’s give “caviar to the general ”, and suddenly it’s really NOT “much ado about nothing”! “Put money in thy purse” and go downtown. Trading and haggling at any corner is part of our daily life.

Being downtown in Davao several times and also visiting some other places in its surroundings I observed (again and again!) some traders, who try to sell puppies for hefty prizes up to 4,000 Pesos and even much more. Poor devil, that’s really enough to drive me around the bend.

I really love dogs. I stressed before many times that I am happy and proud having six “TLC”-dogs at home: “True-Lasting-Company”-creatures… .

The primary reason that dogs are able to give so much love is because they, like humans, have the ability to release oxytocin when they interact with someone or something that they like. Oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’ is a chemical that releases in response to activation of sensory nerves.

Loving animals is worth it. But look at those pitiful creatures, suffering in very small cages, and even being put into the murderous sun all day long. The cut-throat dealers even don’t mind the heart-touching yelping and howling of those pitiful puppies.

I ignored one dealer’s hints, who even tried to follow me in Ilustre Street while shouting: “Good prize, Sir!” Overstrained I “persuaded” myself to hold my explosive reaction and controlled my temper. I am pretty sure certain legitimacy could finish this awkward and flimsy business which is nothing more the animal tortures. By the way: while leaving Davao City in different directions, one can also encounter other dealers who love to sell snakes, birds and other creatures. It’s distressing and really upsets me.

What is the love of animals called? Other words that can describe those who love animals more than humans include the nouns zoophilist, pet lover, pet person, and friend of animals or friend to animals. Since it’s a bit less familiar, let’s focus on one particular word: zoophilist.

The French Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764), an influential lover of King Louis XV, stressed before in the Gilagemesch-epic-poem “Apres nous le deluge” (“After us the Flood”)! Objection my dear fellows! In this case my opinion is: Let’s save our animals!


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