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DOST XI, HELP Davao Network Eye Sisterhood Pact Between Davao City and Kumamoto City, Japan

In an effort to address water challenges through sustainable and resilient management of water resources, the Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI) and the Hydrology for Environment, Life, and Police (HELP) Davao Network urges to pursue a sisterhood agreement between Davao City and Kumamoto City, Japan.

Kumamoto City, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan, is renowned for its pristine groundwater. Over 700,000 people rely on groundwater to supply their residential, agricultural, and industrial water needs. 

Given the abundant water resources, Kumamoto City conducts extensive groundwater studies in a wide variety of disciplines to ensure that the abundant groundwater resources of the Kumamoto Region will be continuously available for future use.

Similarly, Davao City also relies on groundwater resources to supply the needs of more than 1.7 million people in the City. The City is also gearing towards utilizing surface water for future needs. 

With a common goal to strengthen water conservation efforts, the potential sisterhood partnership will provide a mutually beneficial journey toward sustainability and resilience. 

During the Davao City Water Summit conducted last July 4, 2023, Kumamoto City Mayor Honorable Kazufumi Onishi presented the different challenges Kumamoto City faces in terms of water management such as water depletion and flood-prone landforms, which they try to address through various initiatives under a comprehensive Regional Groundwater Conservation program.

The Kumamoto City Mayor also shared their practices in sustainable and resilient management of water resources. Kumamoto City’s initiatives include the promotion of cross-sectoral and trans-municipal groundwater conservation activities, comprehensive and multi-level water-related disaster prevention, and continuous strengthening of the flood evacuation plan.

“These projects are also backed by scientific techniques. We believe that by enacting policies based on scientific methods, we can contribute to the goal of water for sustainable development for the next generations,” the Kumamoto City Mayor added.

The Davao City Mayor Hon. Sebastian Duterte also encouraged multilateral collaboration in achieving a sustainable water future for Davao. 

The Chairperson of the HELP Davao Network and Davao City Councilor Pilar C. Braga said that the water issues and challenges in Davao City require the need for everyone to work together in wise management of water. 

“Hopefully, Davao City and Kumamoto City can progress together towards building a mutually beneficial partnership anchored on wise water stewardship,” she added.

The sisterhood partnership is being coordinated by the DOST XI and HELP Davao Network, highlighting the importance of global cooperation in addressing water-related challenges. 

DOST XI Regional Director Dr. Anthony Sales said that the partnership will leverage each other’s strengths, experiences, and technologies in ensuring a secure and stable water supply for the people.

“It is imperative to forge strong alliances with cities like Kumamoto, which have demonstrated excellence in sustainable water management. This partnership is one of our many initiatives to achieve a water-secure future,” he added.



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