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Business Week Mindanao At The Forefront of Economic Development In The Island



Wherever the Island of Mindanao is going as far as economic development, Business Week Mindanao will continue to be partners in all its efforts helping Mindanao rise in business and all economic endeavors implemented by its present and future leaders.

Dante Macasero Sudaria, Business Week Mindanao’s CEO and President said the paper is always at the forefront of Mindanao Development – wherever its destiny brings her to.

“And we will continue to work and be partners with both government and private sectors. Mindanao is long overdue when it comes to agriculture development and all other factors that would help the island be great again. It all depends on its leaders how they are going to initiate plans and programs that would spur developments in the vast areas of the island,” Sudaria pointed out.

He said the island should no longer be a land of promise but a land of economic development with more infrastructure, farm-to- market roads, technology and a lot more avenues available to propel development.   

Among the activities annually programmed by the brilliant minds of the Sudaria Group of Companies is the Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards, aimed at giving inspirations to both government and private sectors to do their share in giving Mindanao a chance to become a premier destination in Asia and the rest of the world – and be rewarded and recognized for their excellent achievements. 

1. Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards

The Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards is an esteemed annual event that recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of exceptional business leaders and entrepreneurs in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. This prestigious awards ceremony serves as a platform to honor individuals who have made significant strides in their respective industries, displayed exemplary leadership qualities, and contributed to the overall growth and development of the region’s economy.

The event brings together a diverse range of participants, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, industry experts, and members of the local community. It aims to showcase the remarkable success stories of individuals who have demonstrated innovation, resilience, and a commitment to excellence in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards cover various categories that reflect the diverse sectors of the region’s economy. These categories may include Best Start-up Entrepreneur, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award, among others. Each category represents a unique set of criteria designed to recognize specific achievements and qualities within the entrepreneurial landscape.

The awards not only acknowledge individual accomplishments but also serve as an inspiration and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders. By highlighting the success stories of these exceptional individuals, the event encourages others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, take calculated risks, and contribute to the economic growth and development of Mindanao.

Furthermore, the Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards foster networking opportunities and knowledge sharing among participants. The event provides a platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas and experiences. This facilitates the development of a supportive business community, encourages mentorship, and enables the sharing of best practices, ultimately leading to the advancement of entrepreneurship in the region.

The awards ceremony also serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of Mindanao’s business community. It showcases the region’s entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting the innovative ideas, products, and services that have emerged from the area. By recognizing and celebrating these achievements, the awards create a positive environment that encourages further innovation, investment, and economic development.

In addition, the Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards contribute to the promotion of responsible business practices and corporate social responsibility. Many categories recognize entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact on their communities through socially conscious initiatives, sustainable practices, and philanthropic endeavors. By highlighting these achievements, the awards inspire others to consider the social and environmental impact of their businesses and strive for greater positive change.

Overall, the 4th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards play a crucial role in recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the exceptional achievements of business leaders and entrepreneurs in the region. By showcasing their success stories, the awards inspire and motivate others, foster networking and knowledge sharing, and contribute to the overall growth and development of Mindanao’s business landscape. Through these efforts, the awards serve as a catalyst for entrepreneurship, economic prosperity, and sustainable development in the region.

The Mindanao Business Leaders Awards is an event of BusinessWeek Mindanao Corporation and its daughter-newspaper Mindanao Daily News. It aims to recognize business leaders and entrepreneurs who contributed to the development of Mindanao Island. Similarly, it also intends to inspire these individuals and business groups to seek greater heights and strive for success in the noble mission of propelling the six regions of Mindanao and its people towards full economic growth and sustainable development.

The event was given birth in 2012 through the initiative of Mindanao Daily News Editor-in-Chief and Awards’ Executive Director Allan Mario Mediante, then supported by BusinessWeek Mindanao Corp. Publisher and CEO Dante Sudaria. They made a such good pair that the event continued to be conducted the next year and became the company’s main event annually. Of course, their external partners should be given thanks as well. 

2. Recognizing Student Excellence in Business Journalism

The Business Week Mindanao’s Journalism awards is an annual event that celebrates and recognizes the outstanding achievements of school journalists and publications in the field of business journalism in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. This prestigious event has become a platform for acknowledging the important role of media in promoting economic growth, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development in the region.

The awards ceremony brings together a diverse range of participants, including school journalists. The event aims to honor the best practices in business reporting, encourage high journalistic standards, and foster healthy competition among school paper publications.

One of the key objectives of the Business Week Mindanao Newspaper Awards is to highlight the crucial role played by the media in shaping public opinion and influencing economic policies. It recognizes the efforts of journalists who strive to provide accurate, insightful, and well-researched business news and analysis. By doing so, these journalists contribute to informed decision-making, create awareness about business opportunities, and promote accountability and transparency in the business sector.

The awards cover various categories that reflect the diversity of business reporting, including Best Business Feature, Best Business Column, Best Investigative Report, Best Business News, and Best Business Photo. These categories encompass a wide range of topics, from corporate finance and entrepreneurship to industry trends and economic policies. The awards not only recognize the quality of reporting but also encourage journalists to delve deeper into complex business issues and present them in an engaging and accessible manner.

The Business Week Mindanao Newspaper Awards also serve as a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among journalists and media organizations. The event provides an opportunity for journalists to connect with industry experts, business leaders, and policymakers, fostering an exchange of ideas and experiences. Through panel discussions, seminars, and workshops, participants can enhance their understanding of current business trends, challenges, and opportunities, enabling them to produce more impactful and relevant content.

Furthermore, the awards ceremony acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement in business journalism. It sets benchmarks for excellence and encourages media organizations to invest in training and development programs for their journalists. By recognizing exceptional work, the awards inspire journalists to strive for higher standards of reporting and contribute to the growth and development of the region’s business sector.

The Business Week Mindanao Newspaper Awards not only recognize individual journalists but also acknowledge the collective efforts of media organizations. The awards for Best Business Newspaper and Best Business Website emphasize the importance of a cohesive editorial approach and a strong online presence in delivering accurate and engaging business news to readers.

In conclusion, the Business Week Mindanao Newspaper Awards play a vital role in promoting and recognizing excellence in business journalism in the Mindanao region. By honoring the achievements of journalists and media organizations, the awards contribute to the overall growth and development of the business sector. They inspire journalists to continue their pursuit of quality reporting, foster knowledge sharing and networking, and encourage media organizations to invest in the professional development of their staff. Through these efforts, the awards serve as a catalyst for promoting transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making in the business community and beyond.


Business Week Mindanao will hold more annual events that showcase the vibrant business landscape and economic potential of the Mindanao region in the Philippines. This week-long event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and industry leaders to promote investment opportunities, discuss key issues, and foster networking and collaboration.

The Business Week Mindanao events encompass a wide range of activities, including conferences, forums, exhibitions, and networking sessions. These events serve as platforms for knowledge-sharing, innovation, and business development, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of Mindanao’s economy.

One of the highlights of Business Week Mindanao is the Business Conference, where renowned speakers and experts deliver keynote addresses and participate in panel discussions. These sessions focus on various topics relevant to the region’s business community, such as investment trends, emerging industries, government policies, and global market insights. The conference provides valuable insights and actionable strategies for entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them navigate the ever-changing business landscape effectively.

Additionally, Business Week Mindanao features specialized forums that delve into specific sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, technology, and infrastructure. These forums serve as platforms for industry-specific discussions, allowing participants to explore new opportunities, address challenges, and forge partnerships. By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors, these forums facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas, fostering innovation and sustainable growth.

Furthermore, the exhibition component of Business Week Mindanao provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products, services, and innovations. This exhibition attracts participants from various industries, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and established corporations. It serves as a marketplace where entrepreneurs can connect with potential clients, investors, and partners, thus creating new business opportunities and expanding market reach.

Business Week Mindanao also includes networking sessions, which encourage participants to build connections and establish valuable business relationships. These sessions facilitate meaningful interactions between entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can drive economic growth and development in the region.

Furthermore, the event often incorporates workshops and training sessions aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills and fostering a culture of innovation. These workshops provide practical insights and guidance on topics such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and digital transformation. By equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and skills, Business Week Mindanao contributes to the development of a skilled and dynamic workforce, capable of driving the region’s economic progress.

In conclusion, Business Week Mindanao is a significant event that plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth, innovation, and collaboration in the Mindanao region. By bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors, the event facilitates knowledge-sharing, networking, and the exploration of new business opportunities. It serves as a catalyst for economic development, empowering entrepreneurs, and professionals with the tools and insights needed to navigate the ever-changing business landscape successfully. Through its conferences, forums, exhibitions, and networking sessions, Business Week Mindanao showcases the immense potential of the region and contributes to the overall prosperity of Mindanao’s business community.

Joel Escol
Joel Escolhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_sKdGFs0ewIh9R-iAskDg
Joel Calamba Escol is a journalist in the Philippines for more than 20 years. Currently, he is the Managing Editor of Mindanao Daily News, the biggest and most-widely read newspaper in Southern Philippines. He is also known as Noypi Vlogger in Youtube. You can follow him on the following social networking sites below.

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