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Abe’s assassin blames his ‘misfortune’ to the Unification Church


MDNN Tokyo International News – The tagged assassin of Japan’s most respected politician and longest-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has blamed his ‘misfortune’ to the Unification Church.

In an interview with the local media in Japan, his uncle claimed that the suspected ‘killer’ Tetsuya Yamagami, 41-year-old, was planning to go back to school in 2002 but this was the time when the family was already financially bankrupt, allegedly because of his mom’s huge donations of $720,000 (P39 Million in the Phils).

His uncle told the media this situation angered Yamagami, as he was forced to drop out of school. This also started his evil plans of killing the leader of the unification church.

Yamagami, reports said, wanted to go to Korea, where the leader Sun Myung Moon, could be located. Sun Myung Moon founded the unification church many decades ago. The group, back in 2000, expanded their organization in many parts of the world, including the Philippines.

In those so-called “golden years” of the movement there were lots of events that unfold, including the widely publicized and most controversial ‘male order bride issues.’

Killer miss first shot on Abe

In a raw video captured by a netizen, the assassin of the prime minister had missed his first shot on Abe although he was only a few meters from where Abe was standing and delivering his speech.

It only took the suspect 2.5 seconds to shoot the prime minister again. And it was the second bullet from a home-made gun that killed the prime target.

The suspect, though, admitted to killing Abe as he thought he had ties with the unification church which was also later denied by church officials during a presscon.

The unification church made it very clear that the prime minister is not linked or had ties with their religious group. In this case, political observers and analysts said that Shinzo Abe was only a victim of a false judgment by his attacker.

Yamagami’s mom confirmed member

Yamagami’s mom became a follower of the Family Federation for World Peace, otherwise known as the “Unification Church” several years back after the suspect’s father committed suicide and died in 1984, it was learned.

“I believe she was a very important follower of the church. She was under mind control,” Yamagami’s uncle said.

The uncle said even when the family was financially bankrupt in 2002, the mother continued to give smaller donations to the unification church.

This huge sum of money donated by the mother angered Yamagami until he made up his mind to kill the leader of the religious organization.

In a separate interview with the country’s local media, it was also reported that the unification church confirmed that a total of ¥50 million was already returned to the mother.

huge donations
Joel Escol
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