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Youtuber Noypi Vlogger launches 1 Dollar Fund for Joyjoy

Youtuber Joel C. Escol, aka Noypi Vlogger has just launched a worthwhile cause to support Joyjoy (not her real name) survive her own crisis of not having enough milk and diapers, as well as other needs of a 1 year and five-month-old baby, such as clothing and vitamins.

Enday Latunan Manita, Joyjoy’s grand mother, who is taking care of her, said in an exclusive inteview that she is only a mere househelp and no other means of income – the reason that she is in dire need of help for milk and diapers to help her granddaughter survive the crisis.

Joyjoy’s biological mom is a victim of insanity and now living with her immediate relatives. “She is dying now since she didn’t eat. That’s why I have decided to get the baby with the approval of my son (the biological father of Joyjoy).

It was known that Joyjoy’s biological father is already living with her second wife.

“Both of them are now incapable of raising their daughter Joyjoy so being her grandmother I took the responsibility of raising her. But when Covid struck the country last year, she started having problems of getting milk, vitamins and diapers for Joyjoy,” the grandmother narrated.   

Noypi vlogger is also known for helping the needy.

Nine years ago, a relative who has triplet babies had asked for his help to find donations for milk and diapers for the babies.

The father was only a farmer and their food solely depends on farming and selling some poultry livestocks.

Noypi Vlogger made efforts and brought the parents and the triplets to the regional office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and said government agency gave the parent a large can of milk plus a $100 monetary help.   

The young vlogger then assisted the parent and brought the babies at the office of Abs CBn Cagayan de Oro, a local TV network, who immediately conducted interview with the help of Joy Labrador, who was the TV reporter at that time.

The interview went live the following day and it touched the heart of a businessman who then contacted the parent and pledge to supply the milk needs of the triplets.

Right now the triplets have grown and they are already nine years old and turning ten. The parents were very thankful for the kindness and act of generousity of the anonymous businessman who supplied cartoons of milk every month.

Harana – A benefit concert online.

To support the worthy cause, Noypi Vlogger conducted “Harana for Joyjoy” an online serenade to look for donations for Joyjoy and other victims of the pandemic. 


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