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When I was still a young boy, I have been taught that there might be
fairy creatures offering us three free wishes. We should be always so
wise enough to think it over very well and select the best wishes for
our very own. Sure, there will be always classic stupidities regarding
fairy-wishes. We are all human beings and don't belong to the fairy

Your wish is my command! And, there is someone who wishes at first a
strong health, and – sure, he or she receives it, because good fairies
never hesitate. And now and then? Here he is, for example, the healthy
man is like a boulder in the surf, but surrounded by a world of war,
flames and so-called military conflicts. But this man is still alive
and as fit as a fiddler. Why should he wishes for a strong health…?

Well, maybe we have to formulate our wishes for something more
improved. But what? Discretion is the better part of valor. Let's try
it like a fairy-tale and ask for wealth, riches and abundance. These
are the one and only things on earth, right?

With money we can travel around the globe, find friends, even in far
away distances, and we can do charities. Well, and if we might become
sick, maybe seriously sick, we must not worry. We can afford and
finance the most affordable doctors and most updated hospitals to give
us back our good health. And if not?

In many fairy tales we can also find the one with unassuming manners,
inconspicuous, poor dressed-up, a little bit silly, mostly disregarded
and easily to be overlooked. This guy has only one wish, such as
eternal salvation and bliss with a little stool in heaven besides God.
And guys, be sure, that he will get it, and, he is happy and very
thankful. So far so good, it seems the simpleton has been the

It's all right: three wishes and no one more. A different thing, isn't it?

If all human beings on this entire globe could be all around happy,
which means to say: nobody must go hungry any more, nobody must be
despairing, nobody must be worried about wars and catastrophes, and
everybody could be able to enjoy health and happiness without bearing
trials … yes, if … Then we wouldn't need fairy-wishes… .

Real life looks different. Real life is not a fairy tale. We need
prayers and should be more respectful and friendly to each other. Especially nowadays. All around the globe.

Each one of us has his or her own three wishes. Me too. One of them
is:  peace on earth!

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