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You reap what you sow

THE franchise renewal is not  an issue of press freedom, as claimed by those doubting Thomases and  sympathetic to ABS-CBN.

That said, this can be pure bad luck on the  part of ABS-CBN, or simply bad karma in which the supertitious would readily say aye.

It is not a supression of press freedom, either. Or  even a closure order, nor a shut down directive from Malacanang.

It is simply  about ABS CBN's franchise that is expiring, or due  to expire. Again, there is no such thing as  shut down order.

It has been said that ABS -CBN franchise is a privilege, not a matter of right.

In this case, it is not the  property of ABS CBN  that is being taken away.

Simply put:  this is  about the ABS CBN franchise that would soon expire, period. The renewal? Well, it’s up to the government to renew the franchise or not.

Unfortunately, the President has an axe to grind on ABS-CBN and it’s  all about politics.

With that, 2020 could be a year of  bad luck for the Lopez-owned media outfit.

The President has sarcastically suggested to the   Lopez family to sell ABS CBN   rather than wait for the non-renewal of the franchise.

As the saying goes: you reap what you sow.(ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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