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Yes, There’s Worst Feng Shui

Just like a feasibility study remember what is taught in SGV management training in the 70s: it’s just a study and it can have an infeasible conclusion.
Tapos ang piyesta! (The feast is over!) So with Feng Shui as not all consultations turn out pleasing to the ears of the client.
Here are case studies to learn from:
A glorious mansion in Dasmariñas village Makati. We park alongside and client asks, is this property good Feng Shui for me? Wait, I replied as I checked my compass. Oh it’s east.
It’s total loss direction for you. You can even die or total loss of life. Case dismissed, no buy!
Another, a corner lot property in a village shaped sharply like a pizza slice. What do you think client asks? No remedy, it speaks of endless sex scandals! Example, that broadcast network lot in the North! Case closed: no buy
Another similar one corner but no malice shaped like an uncircumcised penis! What is your reading, wife asks. Husband protests! Wife insists to tell it as it is! So I said, sex scandals. Husband appeals: no remedy? Wife interjected: Aldric what’s best to do? Frankly I caught him already. Me: remedy is to circumcise the lot but best if sold. Verdict: Sold and they lived happily and prosperously ever after til now!
Susan Roces: Aldric may pinakamalas bang tao? Is there a truly unfortunate person?
Me: yes ma’am, if the property owned especially burial place of a mother or father has a comfort room on top of it then life pardon my language ma’am will be full of shit for the descendants! A nice Feng Shui movie to make!
She nodded understandingly all smiles.

So there never buy or build on a property that has history of passion killing, murder, ghosts, hauntings, rape, even fire! Or where former owner died suffering from a sickness.
In buying or renting property it pays to be tsismosa or a gossiper!
Of course it’s no brainer if someone sells you Rizal Park or Luneta or wants to buy your hotel or building claiming he is son of a Taipan!
Due diligence legally and practically is advised with Feng Shui. Who knows you can truly buy Malacañang! Your laugh is as loud as mine, no worries!

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