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FMARF converge as one to combat against western bigotry towards ISLAM

Last June 25, 2022 – The Filipino-Muslim Alliance for Religious Freedom (FMARF) convened by Datu Tano Ambor, a former municipal councilor of Taraka, Lanao Del Sur together with a hundred of his members has gathered together at Frostybites, Garden Hall, Iligan City to openly discuss and express their sentiments towards western biases and to discourage the government in sending a representative from our country to the “Global Summit on Promoting Religious Freedom” in London, UK on July 5-6 of this year.

Islam is known to be the fastest growing religion in the world but is also experiencing the most prejudice amongst all religions as to date especially to western countries like the United States of America and Europe. The arising preconception that causes hate towards Islam has birthed a term which is called “Islamophobia”.

The FMARF stands to combat towards religious equality and to show that Islam is a beautiful culture, a peaceful and united religion. They want to voice their concerns against hatred and fear being instilled to the minds of other people who does not have a proper idea of their religion.

Among the areas all over the world who has the highest rate of Islamic discrimination are the white countries. In Poland, they almost have no Muslims in their country with at least 0.1% lesser than Hungary. Discrimination is very rampant to the point where there are certain places like restaurants or public transportations that they are being banned or humiliated publicly because of their misconceptions about terrorism and the Islamic religion. This conflict has caused an immigrant crisis in the countries under the European Union.

The FMARF expresses their dismay towards the “Global Summit on Promoting Religious Freedom” which will take place in London, UK because of the hypocrisy and the insincerity they sense about this event; believing that they do not embody their advocacy. It contradicts their approach with regards to religious freedom since them and their neighboring countries especially those under the European Union still strongly taking part in religious discrimination amongst Muslims.

This consultation and forum organized by FMARF calls and desire for “UNITY” in religion and humanity primarily in the western part of the world. The same “UNITY” they have wanting long before even here in Mindanao – the reason behind that they themselves have pushed in campaigning and supporting for the President-Elect Bongbong Marcos Jr because of its aim in unifying all religions, social status, sexuality and people in different political perspective to have a harmonious and prosperous living. The Philippines, a country with diverse religions, sympathizes for their fellow Muslims who are treated with indignity for which they do not deserve. This gathering coheres a cry for fairness and esteem for all who practices Islam throughout the world. Anticipating that countries in the western part like the European Union will finally do some action concerning this issue for it has already been recognized a long time ago but there weren’t actions taken to solve the plight of the Muslims.

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