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Wealthy Korean Businessman Turns Samyang Vendor in The Philippines


* Says he lost P300 Million to casino
* Sold all his buildings, hotel and apartments

METRO MANILA, Philippines – A former wealthy korean businessman who became bankrupt due to lavish spending in casinos is now a Samyang vendor in Las Piñas, Manila, Philippines.

Mr Chang as he introduced himself to friends and Samyang buyers, was exclusively interviwed by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer Basel on what happened to his life, and why he became poor again after tasting the life of a wealthy businessman with over P300 Million business properties, solid and liquid assets.

I lost my money to casino,” Twenty years ago I am a rich man. I have buildings, hotels, and 35 apartments. But they were all gone now after I sold them one by one when I was addicted to casinos back then, Mr Chang revealed to Basel, who made an exclusive interview.


Basel said in his YouTube vlog that a lot of Filipinos from his and Facebook pages provided him information about a poor Korean Samyang vendor in Las Piñas, who became poor after losing his 300 Million worth business empire about twenty years ago.

The 76-year Korean was still very active when interviewed by the Hungry Syrian wanderer and he even danced the very famous Gangnam dance craze. The old man was game and even wowed the crowd who were watching him being interviewed by Basil.

While on their way to the old man’s rented apartment, Mr Chang toured to Basel his very small space, and it was too messy. Mr Chang also showed his remaining money put under his bed. It was, more or less, P400 left.


1. When you still have plenty of blessings, don’t forget to put some in the bank and invest the remaining part of it so that it will help you go on with your chosen life.
2. Don’t waste time, not just because you’re still young, but because time-wasted cannot be saved anymore.
3. Wealth will vanish but you’re attitude towards life should remain your best investment.
4. Don’t gamble in vasino. It will only destroy your life. Better still focused with your children and grand children
5. Do not even make your life miserable by frequenting in casinos.
6. There are syndicates in most casinos who will victimize old time men who just want to enjoy. So beware!   



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Joel Escol
Joel Escolhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_sKdGFs0ewIh9R-iAskDg
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