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Walking through a tightrope

‘PREPARE for suicide missions,’ so ordered by President Duterte in the wake of confirmed reports that more than a hundred Chinese vessels had moored since January this year in Pag-asa,  an island  long occupied by Filipinos.

Duterte’s impending order for suicide missions is addressed to the military —  if and when  the  Philippine-occupied island comes under a threat.

He says things would be different if an island occupied by Filipinos in the disputed waters is threatened.

And indeed, the threat is so serious enough that  the country’s ally, the U.S. had issued a statement saying  Washington is troubled  by the aggressive activity  of China in the disputed South China Sea, in this case a Philippine-held territory that is the Kalayaan Group of Islands.

The U.S. sees this   as  a  concern, somewhat aggressive and provocative and  that  China’s action is  unnecessary and unwarranted.

Such stance is  a clear violation of Philippine sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction, as defined under international law including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Since he assumed office, Duterte has adopted a non-confrontational approach in territorial spats with Beijing while seeking Chinese infrastructure funds, trade and investment.

He has often lashed out at the security policies of the U.S., a treaty ally, while praising China and Russia.

Duterte has  to walk a tightrope when discussing China’s increasingly assertive actions in the disputed waters, where Manila and Beijing, along with four other governments, have wrangled for control of territory.

 If China insists on expanding her territorial greed in the disputed islands including in  a Philippine-held island, then a confrontation is likely  to happen  with an immense disastrous impact in the Asean region.

That said, the country  is  seriously staking its claim,  but if  China  insists on its position,  trouble of immeasurable magnitude is likely to happen any time soon.

Duterte says he has no choice but to send the  navy and marines  on a suicide mission—a move duly praised by his critics  at the expense of the more than 100 million population  now facing annihilation  from the face of the Earth.

God forbid! ([email protected])


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