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Vapor therapy against coronavirus disease

Have you heard of this traditional medicine which can also help kill the virus that is now wrecking havoc in many countries of the world?

As this piece of news is written, coronavirus disease is wrecking havoc in the United States.

As of today, there are now over 1.6 million Americans who were tested positive of covid-19, and over 97,000 have already died.

But according to this Filipino couple based in New York, they were also tested positive of covid-19, but they don’t panic, and instead  they remain calm, so that they would decide exactly what to do.

Instead of going to the hospital, they first tried a traditional medication against fever and flu which has been practiced by their family in the past. And it is all about boiling water with salt and then inhaling and letting the vapor penetrate to the whole body while under the blanket. In this way, sweats come out from the body and contain the virus from further attacking the human cells and the immune system.

How steam therapy works?

In case of sore throat and eneezing, you can proceed to observe the following:

1. For steam therapy or (Tuob), boil water and add salt. Get a blanket and cover your whole body with it. Place the pot with the boiled saline water under the blanket and start inhaling the steam.

2. Wrap fine slices of unions in a handkerchief. Place it on your chest and let it stay there overnight.

“We must fight covid-19 within the confines of our homes and refrain from going to the hospital for covid-19 treatment if the symptoms are not serious. If we can prevent ourselves from catching cold or flu, we can surely prevent ourselves from being infected by the coronavirus,” says Engr Jeffrey Hapitan.

Hapitan added “Prevention is the key in totally eradicating this pandemic.”


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