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Religion and music belong together like fishes and the ocean – like light and life, like a voice and ears… .

In the entire universe, we humans  are probably the only beings capable of creating and listening to music. The ability to hear is one of the specific gifts that our Creator gave us. Our fragile blue planet is surrounded by a thin layer of gases only a few kilometers high. Only this atmosphere is the reason why sound waves can spread through the air. Everything behind this atmosphere is ruled by the sheer endless vacuum of outer space, where galaxies and stars explode and implode in impenetrable silence.

According to the biblical narrative, the world began when God broke through thies deadly quiet: “And God said: Let there be light!” (Genesis 1:1). God spoke – and light and life resulted from his audible voice. Because life was created by the word. That is why it is in the nature of every person to listen. Like a parabolic mirror, our souls are created to listen to the eternal space of the hereafter, to try and sense whether a word, a sound or a voice is trying to reach us from there, in order to fill us with a meaning.

It’s nothing new that I love music. And, I know that Filipinos also love big tunes with great words and beautiful melodies, especially when it comes to classical music.

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