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Universality of human behavior

Watched with great interest until 4 AM yesterday the much-awaited testimony of
erstwhile President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer before the 42-member oversight
committee of the US House of Representatives and realized for myself the evils of political
blind fanaticism.

To recall, the Washington Post fact check on Trump for the last two years since he
ascended to the US presidency yielded the fact that during the period he had lied to the
American people on a lot of things almost 9,000 times.

But member of the president’s Republican Party in the oversight committee
conveniently set this fact aside by pounding on the credibility of Michael Cohen, the jail-
bound lawyer of Trump for over a decade, after being convicted for lying to Congress and
other felonious acts.

If this audacious behavior of the Republican congressmen in that committee does not
constitute an error in judgment, pray tell what is.

Truth is their audacity is the result of their blind fanaticism to Trump, which, by the
way, is the same audacity displayed by our own members of Congress – Senate and House of
Representatives – especially at this time under President Duterte.

Blind fanaticism is shameless because it prevents the fanatic from seeing the naked
truth or makes the fanatic deny the reality even if it stares at him already.

During the more than seven hours of grilling, all that the Republican oversight
committee members could show as their best was impugn Cohen’s credibility. They
deliberately skirted asking substantial questions relative his testimony and even forgot to
defend the president to whom they have shown canine devotion from the stinging
allegations of the witness.

Such behavior reminds us how our own legislators behave in such a situation. In this
regard, perhaps it’s worth remembering how the members of the House of Representatives
took turns in shaming Sen. Leila de Lima when they were supposedly investigating in aid of
legislation the charges hurled against her for alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade.

The nation could still vividly remember how House members took turns in poking fun
at the testimony of Ronnie Dayan, the senator’s personal driver who she admitted having a
romantic relationship with, about his relationship with the lady senator. Irrelevant and
impertinent questions about their relationship were raised knowing full well that the hearing
was covered live by radio and television.

And yet those hearings never yielded any piece of legislation even if it was conducted
supposedly in aid of legislation. What it yielded was de Lima’s incarceration for two years
now on charges that prosecutors could not even agree on hence its amendment after its

The conclusion that I was able to deduce from watching yesterday’s spectacle on
television that started at 11 PM Wednesday and lasted until past 6 AM yesterday as well as
that of our own solons was the universality of the human behavior once a person is
consumed by his blind fanaticism to one man – to Trump in the case of the US Republican
congressmen and to Duterte in the case of our own legislators.

That blind fanaticism led them to see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil about their
adored leader no matter how devious such leader had become.

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