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UNESCO Taps HELP Davao Network to Develop SDGs Scorecard for Education, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, and Communications and Information

The Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy (HELP) Davao Network was chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to develop the Scorecards covering UNESCO’s four major program sectors, namely Education, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, and Communications and Information.

The said Scorecards for the 4 UNESCO major program sectors shall be patterned to the Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals’ (SETI for SDGs) Scorecard, a tool developed in 2018 by HELP Davao Network which is designed to assess, monitor, and review SETI-related projects’ contributions to the attainment of the SDGs, Targets, and Indicators.

Prior to deployment, the UNESCO’s experts and senior officials validated the SETI for SDGs Scorecard, and since then, it was able to assist governments, institutions, and organizations in the evaluation process of the receptiveness of proposed, ongoing, and completed SETI projects to the attainment of the United Nations’ SDG.

Due to the Scorecard’s effectiveness in evaluating SETI projects, the UNESCO National Commission in Malaysia wanted to develop and implement a broader tool following the SETI for the SDGs development process. This led to the expansion of the said Scorecard to cover a larger field of expertise.

The expansion of the Scorecard to more sectors will help policymakers, organizations, and various stakeholders to ensure that the projects they implement are responsive to the UN’s SDGs, which are envisioned to ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

As the convenor and secretariat office of the HELP Davao Network, the Department of Science and Technology XI has worked closely with the organization in implementing various water management activities and will continue the collaboration in the development of the Scorecards.

With the Scorecard’s expansion, HELP Davao Network and DOST XI hope to establish and strengthen relationships with multisectoral stakeholders to improve the scorecard’s effectiveness across all identified sectors.

DOST recently recognized HELP Davao Network as its Outstanding Non-Government Organization partner in advancing Science, Technology, and Innovation for the sustained socioeconomic progress of the Filipino people.



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