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Two schools in R10 reap NSPC awards

DepEd 10 campus journalism coordinator Angelina Buaron said these recognitions ended Northern Mindanao’s seven-year drought in school paper contest awards.

Buaron said the features section of “The Pioneer” and the editorial pages of “Ang Pluma,” both publications of Antero Uy Roa Memorial Elementary School in Clarin, Misamis Occidental, were adjudged fourth and seventh bests, respectively.   

Also, the features section of “Ang Sinagtala,” the official publication in Filipino of Cagayan de Oro City-based Gusa Regional Science High School won sixth best award.

DepEd NSPC records show the last time DepEd 10 school papers were recognized — sixth best in news section and seventh in editorial section — was during the 2011 NSPC that was held in Butuan City.



Aside from citations from school publications, campus journalists from region 10 made it to NSPC’s top seven in individual competitions.

    “We have hit the target, top 3!,” Buaron commented in her Facebook account after receiving the plaque on behalf of DepEd 10 after ranking third overall in individual contests secondary level. “All these because of (you) my partners, the division journalism coordinators,” she added.  

Those who contributed to the region’s top 3 performance were: Keith Isaac O. Apor of Rosevale School, Cagayan de Oro, first in feature writing (English); Norman C. Calib-og of Opol National Secondary Technical School, Misamis Oriental, second in sports writing (English); Cris James C. Camaylongan, Tangub City National High School, second in photojournalism (Filipino);

Maea Kaye M. Carriedo of St. Joseph Academy of El Salvador, fourth in editorial writing (English); Seth Russel C. Castroverde of Liceo de Cagayan University, Cagayan de Oro, fourth in science and technology writing (Filipino); Melly Grace R. Ebuetada of Yumbing National High School, Camiguin, fourth in copyreading and headline writing (Filipino);

Felisa Melanie Faye G. Bascug of La Salle Academy, Iligan City, sixth in science and technology writing (English); Alexander Q. Bello Jr. of Philippine Science High School, Lanao del Norte, sixth in newswriting (Filipino); and Eucil A. Villalon of Bal-ason National High School, Gingoog City, seventh in sports writing (Filipino).

         In elementary level, Northern Mindanao delegates collected seven medals, including two in exhibition events.

    Three won in news writing, namely: Fahmi H. Petilan, Angelico J. Medina Memorial School, Iligan City, first place in Filipino; Nikki Andrea L. Gaputan, Gingoog City College, second place in Filipino; and Zoie Elise G. Sabanal of La Salle University Integrated School, Ozamiz City, second in English.

    Other NSPC winners in elementary level were: James J. Dizon of Antero U. Roa Central School, Ozamiz City, seventh place in editorial writing (Filipino) and fourth in exhibition event column writing (Filipino); John Melbert Jay R. Rubino of Cabanglasan Central School, Bukidnon, sixth in editorial cartooning (Filipino); and Lee Arwen B. Sabit of Manuel Lugod Central School, Gingoog City, second in exhibition event column writing (English).

NSPC records show DepEd 10 was ranked third overall in individual contests in both secondary and elementary levels among 17 regions 22 years ago when the national contest was held in Kalibo, Aklan in 2006.



    Aside from school publications, this year’s NSPC group contests include collaborative desktop publishing, radio broadcasting, television newscasting, and online publication—all of these represented by a seven-member team.

    Most notable of the awards from group competitions was that of Iligan City’s Tambo Central School radio broadcasting team in Filipino which emerged as second overall in radio production, second best in infomercial and ranked fourth overall in technical application.

The English radio broadcasting team from Ozamiz City Central School Sped Center ranked sixth overall in radio production.  

    In the secondary level, Lanao del Norte National High School’s radio broadcasting team in Filipino settled for seventh overall in radio production after ranking second in scriptwriting and sixth in infomercial.

    Meantime, Ozamiz City’s English television newscasting team from La Salle University Integrated School secured the fifth spot as best in television newscast and seventh best in development communication.

This, after the team also harvested individual awards: Reese Nathja S. Chiong as second best newswriter while Jason Matthew O. Lim was third most promising video journalist. TV newscasting was included in the NSPC for the first time this year.

In collaborative desktop publishing in Filipino, Cagayan de Oro’s Gusa RSHS made an impressive three-peat performance as the team pocketed an award again as the third overall. The English collaborative publishing team which competed in online publication exhibition was ranked seventh.

Aside from two citations in publications, Misamis Occidental’s Antero Uy Roa MES also captured the fifth berth in collaborative publishing English category while Jasaan Central School of Misamis Oriental which competed in Filipino was sixth overall.

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